Massachusetts: Third South Lancaster Academy Student Dies

ighteen-year-old Jody Fouche, one of four students from South Lancaster Academy (SLA) who were involved in a single-car accident on Friday, January 20, 2006, in Sterling, Massachusetts, died on January 28. Fouche, the third student to die as a result of the accident, was being treated at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. He never regained consciousness.

Eighteen-year-old Victor Owusu of Worcester, and 17-year-old Ian Brown of Sterling, who was driving the vehicle, died soon after the accident occurred. Eighteen year-old Nelson Perry of Still River was injured in the crash, but released from the hospital four days later.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the Fouche family during this very difficult time,” says Allyson Cram, principal of SLA and Browning Elementary School. She added that the academy administration will continue to provide counseling and pastoral support for students and faculty as needed.

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Fire Causes Major Damage to Massachusetts Church

 Fire ripped through the Framingham Adventist church on Edgell Road in Framingham, Massachusetts, on the evening of January 28, causing more than $300,000 damage, according to local news reports. The building was empty at the time, and no injuries have been reported. 

In order to ventilate the building and gain access to the fire, firefighters had to cut through the roof and smash the church’s front stained-glass windows.  The cause of the blaze was ruled accidental. Fire investigators found that a cutting board left on a hot stove apparently caused the blaze, news reports say.  

“Members and friends gathered in front of the church this morning [January 30] to survey the damage,” said Ednor A. P. Davison, Atlantic Union Conference assistant communication director. “Daniel Sierra, the church’s pastor, called the members together for prayer. . . . He talked of the great work that is taking place in that church and community that will continue in spite of this setback.”

Davison added that the church members are saddened but not discouraged, and are making plans for where Sabbath services and other meetings of the church will be held until the church can be rebuilt.
--Atlantic Union Conference Communication Department/AR.

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