Second Chance Offers Compelling Testimony
From drug user to Jesus addict, Jim Ayer’s story bears surprises
BOOK MAKES WAVES: Second Chance tells the story of Jim Ayer, a onetime drug dealer who became an ardent Christian disciple.
o look at Jim Ayer, currently vice president for advancement at Adventist World Radio in Silver Spring, Maryland, you’d be hard pressed to imagine him as a hard-living drug dealer, but that’s just what he was when the Lord presented the young Ayer with a second chance.
In fact, Second Chance is the title of a new book Ayer, along with coauthor Maylan Schurch, has released through the Review and Herald Publishing Association. It details his early life, quest for money, and the results of his conversion to Christianity. Along with dropping drugs, alcohol, and other unhealthy habits, Ayer developed a love for the Bible and its message, which led him to the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
“I’ve been thinking about it for years,” Ayer said of telling his story. “For me the goal is to change lives. I hope that others can see that there’s hope. As bad as I was, and all the things that I did, and how rotten I was, God still remembered my address, and said, ‘Hey, I can still use you. I still love you.’”
He added, “There are times when I feel so bad about the trash that I did against God and how I turned my back against God, that I just hope I can be used to tell about the kingdom until He comes.”
Ayer’s testimony is not the only story he tells. At Adventist World Radio he created and produced Making Waves, a weekly television program featuring testimonies of those reached by AWR’s global programming. 
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