Faces, Facts, and Fun From the Dome

110,000 Cubic Yards

Concrete contained in the Georgia Dome, enough to build a sidewalk from Atlanta to Cincinnati.


Keyboard Queen

Dona Klein, the first weekend’s organist in the Georgia Dome, always plays her own instrument. She ships it from her home
in California to every place she performs.



Bevin Duncan checks press passes at the Georgia Dome press box. He works for Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC). “I enjoy people,” he says. Good thing. He works events for the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves, and Atlanta Raceway. Retired after working in the automobile industry, Duncan uses the money he earns at these events to travel with his wife.


Atlanta Chillin’

Evan Sterling, 6, from Dallas, Georgia, cools off in the fountains of Centennial Olympic Park as runners from the Adventist Race for Health 5K/10K races finished nearby. Temperatures at the close of the 7:00 a.m. race were already nearing 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Cell-Free Zone

Instant communication can be a big challenge to those trying to preserve the confidentiality of the deliberations of the Nominating Committee. So members of the committee are asked to check their electronic communication devices at the door.


Marriage and GC Session

Kaarina Maattanen and Gary Fordham discovered they were both serious about getting married while attending the 1966 session in Detroit, Michigan. They married on June 12, 1967. The full story by their daughter, Sari Fordham, appeared in the first GC Bulletin. To purchase a copy, visit the Adventist Reviewbooth in the Exhibition Hall (number 1239) or one of several Adventist Review newsstands around the Georgia World Congress Center.


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