New Exhibit Calls Young Adults

By Kimberly Luste MaraN
or the first time, Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC) is operating a booth at the General Conference session. Established in 2002, GYC is a grassroots Adventist movement organized and led by young adults from North America. Their annual New Year’s convention, a focal point of the organization, has experienced tremendous growth in just a few years, with attendance soaring from 800 eight years ago to 6,000 in 2009-2010.

WELCOME TO OUR BOOTH: Chelsy Jourdan, GYC's director for evangelism, is the pleasant face of GYC at the 2010 General Conference session in Atlanta, Georgia. [photo: Austin R. Ho, Adventist Review]
At their exhibit in the Georgia World Congress Center, GYC is promoting their next convention, to be held December 29, 2010, to 
January 2, 2011, in Baltimore, Maryland. They are also giving visitors the opportunity to sign up to receive one of six iPods pre-loaded with sermons from the last GYC convention. “The church was started by young people . . . and we want to inspire young people to be committed to God and the church,” says Justin McNeilus, president of GYC.

“We hope people who attend our conventions go home inspired and ready to get involved in their local churches,” adds Chelsy Jourdan, director for evangelism. We want them to ask, ‘How do I plug into my local church? How do I witness? How do I give Bible studies?’”

GYC hopes that many young visitors to this GC session will take more than a brochure back home with them. “Making younger people aware of GYC is one of our goals,” Jourdan says. “We want to share with the worldwide church what we are doing in order to show how important it is to be active in the church.

“I am a part of GYC because it helps focus what I believe, and it has ignited in me a passion for evangelism,” adds Jourdan. “I want to share this passion and my deeper appreciation for the Word of God while I’m here.” According to Jourdan, young adults can benefit from the practical seminars, networking, communication, and organization provided by GYC. “We are excited to be here, getting the word out.”

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