oices From the Dome is a daily series of short reflections, analysis, and commentary, on events at the General Conference session in Atlanta, Georgia.

John M. Fowler
A reaffirmation of the Adventist nonnegotiables.

Erica Richards
It's her first General Conference session, and she's really proud.

William G. Johnsson
The session has a bitter-sweet tinge.

Hyveth Williams
Eye-candy, hugs, and touches.

Jo Ann Davidson
A reflection on creation.

Daniel Wahlen
Looking at the GC session through young adult eyes.

Marcos Blanco
A newcomer experiences the GC session for the first time.

Elí Diez-Prida
After the powerful sermons and the moving speeches will there be any difference in our actions?

Heather Knight
The Pacific Union College President asks, ”Will heaven be like this?”

Ingrid Oberholster
What impact will Adventists have on Atlanta?

Bert Beach
While attending his 15th GC session, Bert Beach offers insightful comments on the meetings.

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