Wednesday Images

Afternoon Business Session. [Photo: Robert East]

Afternoon Business Session [Photo: Robert East]

International Festival of Mission - SSD. [Photo: Robert East]

SSD report [photo: Josef Kissinger]

WAD report [photo: Josef Kissinger]

TED report [photo: Josef Kissinger]

TED report [photo: Josef Kissinger]
Evening Session [Photo by Robert East]

Vote on creation statement: Several delegates from the Euro-Africa Division voted no on the motion to approve a 2004 Annual Council statement on the six-day creation. The delegate bloc objected to the wording of the statement. "Fundamental beliefs are not a document of apologetics, of defending the faith," said Johann Helmut Gerhardt of Germany. "It has been derived from the Bible and has to stand regardless of prevalent philosophies. . . . There are reasons to believe in creation, but the scientists are not silly, and we must be humble to acknowledge that we don't have all the answers."

Pardon Mwansa during the afternoon Business Session. [Photo: Robert East]

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