Ninth Business Meeting

Fifty-ninth General Conference session, June 29, 2010, 2:00 p.m.


WILLIAM FAGAL: [Worship in music.]

GERRY D. KARST: Good afternoon, and welcome to this business session. I would like to say a word of appreciation for the involvement of the delegation and the discussions and the debate that has been going on. There has been a good spirit, and that is why we are here to deal with the issues that are before us.

I do want to say a word of encouragement to some of you who have just been sitting there.  We would like to see you at the microphone. Just a handful of people have been coming regularly, and we would like to hear from some others. And so, join us in the discussion. We are going to try to go through the remainder of the Church Manual items this afternoon.

If you work well together with me, perhaps we can complete this section so that the standing committee can meet as soon as possible to deal with the items that have been referred and then bring them back to us on the floor. So our plan this afternoon is to discuss the Church Manual and hopefully be able to complete that portion. If we have time remaining, we will get into some of the general agenda items.

GERRY D. KARST: I understand the Nominating Committee is back with another report.

ROBERT E. KYTE: Mr. Chairman, we’re bringing you two partial reports from the Nominating Committee. One is for a department director, and that will be presented by Dr. Castillo, followed by a number of associate directors for departments, which will be presented by Dr. Tutsch.

ISMAEL CASTILLO: The Nominating Committee is recommending Williams S. Costa, Jr., for the position of director of the General Conference Communication Department. He has served since 2007 as an associate director of the General Conference Communication Department. Mr. Chairman, I move this recommendation.

GERRY D. KARST: OK, we have a second. [The motion was approved.]

CYNTHIA TUTSCH: [The second partial report was referred back to the Nominating Committee.]

GERRY D. KARST: Let’s stand together for the closing prayer.

AGUSTIN GALICIA: [Benediction.]



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