Twelfth Business Meeting
Fifty-ninth General Conference session, July 1, 2010, 9:15 a.m.

DAVID FARMER: [Opening prayer.]

MICLEN LAIPANG: [Worship in music.]

MARK A. FINLEY: Each morning before our business session actually begins we’ve spent time on our knees seeking God, asking His Spirit to come not only to fill our business sessions and give us wisdom and direction but to guide our own lives and to guide our church. This morning I’d like to read Acts 1:14. It’s the experience of the disciples just before Pentecost, who came with their divergent ideas, their diversity of opinions, and their different cultural backgrounds. And the Bible says, “These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers” (NKJV). The disciples sensed that the mission before them and the task before them was far larger than the differences between them. So they united, committed to the task of reaching a world with the gospel. And they were willing to place on God’s altar of sacrifice their personal opinions. This morning as we kneel to pray, let’s pray that the task before us of reaching the 6 billion people on this planet with the gospel will be far greater than any personal agenda. [Season of prayer.]

MARK A. FINLEY: [Prayer.]

PARDON K. MWANSA: Good morning, and welcome again to another business session. The Lord has been gracious to us. He has ministered to us through the spoken word and through music and prayers. With that we are ready to start the business of the day, but I see a point of order that Valérie Lefebvre has a point of order.

VALÉRIE LEFEBVRE: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I deeply respect the work of the committees. However, I would like to make a request. My request is to make sure that in every discussion on the floor we have the same amount of time for those who are in favor of the motion and for those against. Thank you.

G. T. NG: This morning we will have the opportunity of introducing to you the division secretaries and division treasurers.
East-Central Africa Division secretary, Nathaniel M. Walemba.

ROBERT E. LEMON: East-Central Africa Division treasurer, Jerome Habimana.

G. T. NG: Euro-Africa Division secretary, Gabriel F. Maurer.

ROBERT E. LEMON: Euro-Africa Division treasurer, Norbert Zens.

G. T. NG: Euro-Asia Division secretary, Vladimir A. Krupskyi.

ROBERT E. LEMON: We are still working on the issue of treasurer.

G. T. NG: Inter-American Division secretary, Elie Henry.

ROBERT E. LEMON: Inter-American Division treasurer, Filiberto Verduzco.

G. T. NG: North American Division secretary, Alexander Bryant.

ROBERT E. LEMON: North American Division Treasurer, Thomas Evans.

G. T. NG: Northern Asia-Pacific Division secretary, Akeri Suzuki.

ROBERT E. LEMON: Northern Asia-Pacific Division treasurer, Kenneth Osborn.

G. T. NG: South American Division secretary, Magdiel Perez.

ROBERT E. LEMON: South American Division treasurer, Marlon Lopes.

G. T. NG: South Pacific Division secretary, Lawrence Tanabose.

ROBERT E. LEMON: South Pacific Division treasurer, Rodney Brady.

G. T. NG: Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division secretary, Solomon Maphosa.

ROBERT E. LEMON: Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division treasurer, Goodwell Nthani.

G. T. NG: Southern Asia Division secretary, Gordon Christo.

ROBERT E. LEMON: Southern Asia Division treasurer, Robert Clive.

G. T. NG: Southern Asia-Pacific Division secretary, Saw Samuel, who is not present in this session.

ROBERT E. LEMON: Southern Asia-Pacific Division treasurer, Keith Heinrich.

G. T. NG: Trans-European Division secretary, Audrey Andersson, who is not here.

ROBERT E. LEMON: Trans-European Division treasurer, Johann Johannsson.

G. T. NG: West-Central Africa Division secretary, Onaolapo Ajibade.

ROBERT E. LEMON: West-Central Africa Division treasurer, Emmanuel Manu.

G. T. NG: Thank you very much.

[End of business session. Scheduled to reconvene after the Focus on Pastors for a Nominating Committee report.]

MARK A. FINLEY: [Led the Focus on Pastors presentation, with Don Leo Garilva.]

Thank you very much, Pastor Garilva, for reminding us again that the priority of ministry is to make disciples who are authentic and who become disciple makers. As we have been doing in our pastoral presentations, let’s sit together and talk about ministry.

[Pastor Garilva explained how theology students at Mountain View College are trained to be spiritual pastors.]

MARK A. FINLEY: [Prayer.]

[The business session did not reconvene because the Nominating Committee report was postponed until 2:00 p.m.]

CLAUDE SABOT, Proceedings Editor
GARY B. PATTERSON and FRED G. THOMAS, Assistant Proceedings Editors

Session Actions
Fifty-ninth General Conference session, July 1, 2010, 9:15 a.m.

[The business meeting next turned to a discussion of Church Manual items. For a complete record of discussion, proceedings, voted actions, and text of the voted documents, please go to]

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