An organization is known by the actions of its members.

I met ASI member Janet Fournier, her husband, Frank, and adult son Jason for the first time in Kafue, Zambia, last March. We rented a well-used white Land Cruiser—still a common mode of transportation in Africa—and drove more than 1,000 miles across the plains of southern Africa. We passed endless high grasses, thatched huts, and villages where Coca Cola signs announce the presence of the developed world.

The road was paved, but increasingly rutted as we neared the Tanzania border, a bottleneck teeming with people and clogged with cars and trucks waiting to cross. Beyond the border, we dipped down into a valley on our way to the mountainous regions of Tanzania—past tea plantations and rocky formations that reminded me of my native Pacific Northwest.

We dropped Jason off at a gas station in Makambako, ... »
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