Jesus to Join Bus Commute in Auckland, Thanks to Adventists

Lay ministry promotes Christian books on bus tickets
n estimated 3.25 million Auckland, New Zealand, bus commuters will be offered their choice of a free book on a coupon printed in full color on the back of their bus ticket. The New Zealand Christian Foundation (NZCF) has partnered with the public bus service and an innovative marketing company to advertise their free offer on the bus tickets, which are printed out when commuters board the bus.  
“People love to read when traveling on buses and trains. The first thing most people read is what is in their hand. The bus ticket is given to the commuter when they board the bus. They read it and often respond right away. As most people now have iPads or other Internet-connected handheld devices, they are easily able to redeem their free offer while traveling on the bus to their destination. The free book is sent to their address to be read in the next day or so— often on the bus,” said Joanne Davies, cofounder of NZCF.
A special easy-to-remember URL was purchased for the campaign: links into NZCF’s Web site onto a page where commuters can order their free book. Free book titles—all printed by Adventist publishing houses—include Can We Still Believe the Bible? The Incredible Power of Prayer, and Miracle From the Streets.
The New Zealand Christian Foundation is New Zealand’s only official supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and was incorporated in New Zealand in 2001. It is registered with the New Zealand government as a charity, with tax-deductible status, and supports proj-ects in the areas of education, health, humanitarian, and pastoral activities. Their primary goal is to reach people with no religious affiliation and who are open to exploring spiritual concepts in an anonymous, no-pressure environment. Personal follow-up opportunities include online “Ask a Bible Question” and online “Ask a Pastor” services.
Their web site features many other free offers, some as PDFs, with most offers now downloaded by people outside of New Zealand. Review readers are invited to sign up for their free newsletter to receive details of future free offers at  
                                                                        —Information supplied by New Zealand Christian Foundation

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