Southern Adventist Student is Jeopardy!
College Championship Finalist
Hans von Walter could win $100,000
Hans von Walter, the Southern Adventist University biology major who became the first representative of that school to appear on the game show Jeopardy!, will be part of the round of finalists competing this week for a $100,000 grand prize. The final round is a two-part event that begins November 18; the concluding episode will air nationally the evening of November 19. (Set your TiVo early!)
 [Photo: Jeopardy Productions Inc.]
In a blog entry on the show’s Web site, von Walter wrote of the experience of earning a chance at becoming a semi-finalist: “After an evening of mini-celebration with my family, and after barely squeaking by with a Wild Card spot, I was ready to accept my fate and enjoy my $10,000 [prize]. That was more money than I’d ever even dreamed of having all at one time, and the fact that I would get to play at least one more round of my favorite game show ever was exhilarating,” he said.

But, then, the opportunity to advance presented itself and von Walter appeared again on the show November 16, earning over $17,000 and qualifying as a finalist.

He wrote, “things slowly started to come together. A few wheelhouse categories in geography, the Oscars, and history came up that really helped me get some momentum going. An early ‘True Daily Double’ [where von Walter risked his entire winnings to that point] really helped lift my spirits, and I found myself in a good lead going into the second round. … I couldn’t believe it as the round ended and I looked up and saw that I had a lock going into Final Jeopardy! Utterly astonished.”

Von Walter’s final appearance on the show will doubtless draw many viewers and supporters. More information on the program is available online at the Jeopardy! Web site.
                                                                                                                             -- Reported by Adventist Review staff.

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