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December 26, 2011

U.S. at Top of Charity Index
Country ranks highest in donations, volunteer work.

Report Shows Christianity Shifting to Africa
Only one in four Christians now live in Europe.

Clinton Hosts Summit on Religious Intolerance
Thirty countries were presented.

December 19, 2011

New Study Reveals Public’s View of Southern Baptists
The Southern Baptist Convention is the largest Protestant body in the U.S.
American Cardinal John Foley Dies
He apparently suffered from leukemia.
Study: Atheists Distrusted as Much as Rapists
Nearly 800 people participated in the survey.
Muslim Reality TV Show Stirs Pushback

Companies pull ads from “All-American Muslim” 

December 12, 2011

Billy Graham Released From Hospital
The evangelist suffered from pneumonia.
One-third of Shelter Residents are Newly Homeless
One of five are victims violence.
High Court Upholds NYC Ban on Churches in Schools
About 60 churches use public schools.
U.S. Cuban Church Leaders Seek ‘Normalized Relations’
The U.S. embargo against Cuba has hindered relations.

December 5, 2011

Workplace Religious Complaints Double Over 10 Years
In 2010, nearly 3,800 complaints were filed.

Angry Churches Pull Money From Big Banks
The churches seek to move $1 billion.

Charitable Giving Rises Slightly
Giving totaled $291 billion in 2010.

Pope: Others Should be Held to Same Abuse 'Standards'
Pontiff voiced concerns to U.S. Catholic bishops.

November 28, 2011

Study: 46 Percent of U.S. Children Grow Up in Intact Homes
Eastern states show the highest percentage of intact families.
Catholics to Buy Christian Cathedral
A Catholic diocese will pay $57.5 Million.
Pope Calls for Africa ‘Reconciliation’
The pontiff urged care for the poor.
Victims Try to Sue Railway Over Holocaust Deportations
Survivors lobby congress for right to sue.   

November 14, 2011

National Association of Evangelicals Calls for Nuclear Cutback
NAE represents 45,000 churches.
Anglicans Ban Civil Partnerships in Churches
Civil partnerships have been allowed in Britain since 2005.
Congress Considers Conscience Rights in Health Care
Some faith groups see certain health-care rules as objectionable.
Religious Leaders Lobby for Foreign Aid
Leaders say foreign aid is a moral obligation. 

November 7, 2011

Study Links TV Profanity and Teen Aggression
BYU team studied middle-school students.

Catholic Bishops Warn Congress of Threats to Religious Freedom
Advocates of traditional marriage are often labeled as bigots.

Faith Groups Lobby Congressional ‘Super Committee’ on Poverty
The committee seeks to trim $1.2 trillion from the U.S. budget.

Supreme Court Won’t Weigh in on Roadside Crosses
Utah crosses honored fallen patrol officers.

October 31, 2011

Changing Tax Code May Harm Churches
One study estimates a potential $6 billion drop in charitable giving.

Vatican Calls for a Global Bank to Regulate Financial Industry
Proposal also calls for a global tax.

Democrats Tap D.C. Pastor to Lead Party's Faith Outreach
Derrick Harkins is a National Associate of Evangelicals board member.

Pope Appoints New Ambassador to U.S.
Italian Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano takes the reigns.

October 24, 2011

Report Says Tithing, Church Spending Hit Record Low
Contributors gave 2.38 percent of their income.

Obama Hosts First Evangelical Summit at White House
The president met with leaders of the National Association of Evangelicals.

Gallup Poll: 35 Percent Oppose Death Penalty
It is the highest level in nearly 40 years.

Law Would Allow Marriage to Catholics for U.K. Royals
The proposal must be approved by 16 commonwealth "realms."

October 17, 2011

Attacked by Army, Egypt's Christians May Flee the Country
Orthodox leaders call for fasting and prayer.

German Lutherans Call Beer, Wine Moral Investments
But guidelines exclude hard liquor.

National Cathedral Needs 'Tens of Millions' in Quake Repairs
The Gothic architecture took 83 years to complete.

Study: Teens Leave Churches Seen as Judgmental
The study surveyed nearly 1,300 young adults.

October 10, 2011

High Court Weighs Government Role in Church Hiring
Major religious liberty case takes center stage.

Report: Trends for U.S. Churches Mostly Pointing Down
U.S. churches have aging memberships. 

U.S. Christians Rally Around Iranian Pastor
Youcef Nadarkhani faces execution.
State Dept. Chides Eight Countries on Religious Freedom
Seven of the countries receive sanctions.

October 3, 2011

Groups Press Obama on Religious Hiring
Dozen of groups allege religious discrimination.

NRB: Apple, Google Censoring Religion
New report claims that Internet giants are restricting free speech.

Southern Baptist President Floats Name Change
New taks force to consider a new identity.

U.K. Christians Outraged as BBC Drops B.C./A.D. Dating Method
Opponents include 30 leading scientists.

September 26, 2011

Atheists Target Clergy Housing Tax Break
"Parish exemption" called unconstitutional.

Study Probes Why College Students Leave Church
First two weeks on campus are crucial.

Many Americans See God's Hand in Economy
Does the economy work because God wants it to?

Atheists Press to Ban Creationism From U.K. Schools
Opponents include 30 leading scientists.

September 19, 2011

More Churches Conduct Background Checks
Report shows more than 25,000 checks in three years.

North Carolinians to Vote on Marriage
State lawmakers approve a constitutional amendment.

Advocates Lobby to Save Hunger Programs
One in five Americans receive government food assistance.

Inter-faith Worship Doubled Since 9/11
About 14 percent of U.S. congregations engaged in joint religious ceremonies.

September 12, 2011

Czech Government to Return Seized Churches
Property was confiscated by communist regimes.

Catholics Pitch in to Repair National Cathedral
Washington Archdiocese donates $25,000.

Muslim Lawmakers Appeal for Israel Soldier's Release
Gilad Shalit was captured in cross-border raid.

Poll: Americans Tolerant of Other Faiths--Except Islam
Islamic and American values divides public.

September 5, 2011

Quake-Damaged National Cathedral Faces Millions in Repair
Nothing is covered by insurance.

Turkey to Return Confiscated Property to Christians, Jews
Owners of sold property will be reimbursed.

Why are American Churches Losing the Less Educated?
Lifestyle of low-income often mitigates church attendance.

Survey: American Muslims Have Moderate Views
Many fault their leaders for not speaking out against extremists.

August 29, 2011

Libya After Gaddafi: Prayers Voiced For Access to Jesus
Will doors open to the gospel?

National Cathedral Incurs Quake Damage
Stones fall from the central tower.

Alabama Clergy Battle Immigration Law
Church leaders say the new law would make several ministries illegal.

King's Nephew to Head Civil Rights Group
Isaac Farris will lead SCLC.

August 22, 2011

Ohio Pastor Elected Lead Breakaway Lutheran Church
The North American Lutheran Church has 100,000 members.

Peace Service Held Amid London Riots
200 people attended the services.

Starbucks, Willow Creek Split Over Gay Issue
CEO Howard Schultz pulls out of WC conference.

Study Links Education to Differing Views of Heaven
Researchers questioned 1,800 people.

August 15, 2011

Prison Fellowship Fires 72 Staffers
Bad economy cited for the reductions.

Pro-life State Laws Shatter Record in 2011
Six states ban the procedure.

Faith Leaders Challenge Alabama’s Immigration Law
New law goes into effect Sept. 1.

Study: 2.2 Billion People Live Under Religious Restrictions
The report gleaned data from 198 countries and territories.

August 8, 2011

Norway's Churches Try to Foster Healing After Attacks
Bishop says country is countering terrorism with love and solidarity.

Women Show Deep Drop in Church Attendance, Survey Says
Percentage of women attending church since 1991 dropped 11 percent.

Christians Divided on Belgium's Burqa Ban
Belgium is second European country to ban public wearing of the garment.

Vatican's U.S. Envoy, Who Helped Shape U.S. Church, Dies
Vatican's highest ranking official in the country represented Holy See's interests in Washington.

August 1, 2011

Catholics Offer $50 Million for Crystal Cathedral
The mega-church is seeking to recover from bankruptcy.

Campus Crusade Ditches Name for 'Cru'
The ministry began in 1951.

Senators Debate Gay Marriage Bill
If passed, the measure would rescind the Defense of Marriage Act

Christian Leaders Call for Holy Land Protection
The leaders want to help Christians stay in Israel.

July 25, 2011

Church of England May Divest From News Corp.
The church owns a $6 million share.

Pastors Lobby for Poor in Heated Deficit Talks
Four thousand pastors sent open letter to U.S. lawmakers.

Ireland Pushes Priests to Report Confessed Sex Abuse
Clergy may be jailed for noncompliance.

Greek Churches Feel Financial Pinch
Some have trouble paying clergy.

July 18, 2011

Catholics Look Into Buying Crystal Cathedral
Church officials are seeing a path out of bankruptcy.

House Directs Pentagon to Uphold Marriage Laws
Measure exempts chaplains from officiating at same-sex marriage.

Bolster Abstinence Education, Congressmen Urge
40 members petition appropriations panel.

Vatican Probes Church Closings
Fifty churches have closed since 2009.

July 11, 2011

Schuller Voted Off Cathedral Board
Church owes $7.5 million.

Evangelicals See Declining Influence in North America
But optimism rises in Africa, Asia

China Ordains Bishop Without Vatican Approval
China's Catholics number between 12 to15 million.

Evangelicals, WCC, Vatican, Reach Accord on Proselytizing
Deceptive and coercive measures should be shunned.

July 4, 2011

Critics Push White House to Change Faith-based Hiring Rules
Current rules were established in by President Bush in 2002.

Churches Call For U.S. to Pull Out of Afghanistan
Forty religious leaders signed the open letter.

Report: Islamophobia on the Rise
The document also argues that the trend could be reverse.

Greek Orthodox Rally to Rebuild Ground Zero Church
Pastor voices frustration at pace of negotiations.

June 27, 2011

New Oregon Law Strips Faith-healing Parents of Legal Defenses
The bill eliminates spiritual as a defense against homicides charges.

A Mennonite College Ends Playing of National Anthem
Some Mennonites say the lyrics glorify war. .

Mercedes to Unveil New Eco-friendly Popemobile
The vehicle comes with a hybrid engine.

Gallup: 9 in 10 Americans Believe in God
The results have changed little since the 1940s.

June 20, 2011

Feds Open Door for Unions at Two Catholic Colleges
Regulators say the schools are essentially secular.

Religious Freedom Envoy Condemns Religious Intolerance
Suzan Cook rebuked Quran-burning pastor.

Catholic University Ends Co-ed Dorms
Officials seek to build a culture of virtue.

Anglican Leader Slams UK Austerity Budget
The Archbishop of Canterbury denounces the Prime Minister's austerity measures.

June A, 2011

Oregon Couple Convicted in Faith-healing Trial
Timothy and Rebecca Wyland will be sentenced on June 24.

Faith Leaders Call a Strike on Tobacco
They want to ban tobacco use in baseball.

Canadians Sue Over Religion in Daycare Centers
Some Catholic and Jewish parents are challenging Quebec province in court.

Study: Egyptians Say No to Theocracy
Most Egyptians want religious freedom in new constitution.

June 6, 2011

Crystal Cathedral Up for Sale
The church owes $7.5 million.

House Bans Abortion Training Funds
The vote was 234-182.

Russian, Greek Orthodox Leaders Leery of ID Cards
Officials fear the cards will compromise religious identity.

Poll: 61 Percent Oppose Most Abortions
Americans say abortions should be illegal.

May 30, 2011

Oregon Cracks Down on Faith Healing
Members of Followers of Christ church head to trial.

Israel Removes Land Mines From Jesus' Baptismal Site
Visitors there tripled since 2004.

First Lady Seeks Help for Military Families
Obama calls on faith groups to support her "Joining Forces" initiative.

Amnesty International Chides Vatican for Abuse
AI says the Vatican has fallen short on its commitment to protect children.

May 23, 2011

State Legislatures OK More Pro-Life Bills
New legislation awaits endorsement in Florida, Kansas, and Texas.

Churches Ask to Share Pulpits with Muslims
It is hoped the June 26 initiative draws attention to religious freedom issues.

Bill Would Expand Role of Religious Freedom Envoy
Religious training would be required for foreign service officers.

Holocaust Conviction Began in Cleveland
John Demjanjuk was convicted of taking part in the murder of 28,000 Jews.

May 16, 2011

Graham's Doctor Says Condition Has Stabilized
The evangelist was diagnosed with pneumonia.

Church of England Says Cathedral Attendance is Growing
Church leaders report 7 percent growth in 2010.

Churches Form 'Circle of Protection' Around the Poor
Faith leaders lobby against cuts to anti-poverty programs.

After Court Gives OK, Christians Mark National Day of Prayer
An appeals court dismissed a suit challenging the NDP law.

Jesuit to Become a Congressional Chaplain
Patrick Conroy was selected by House Speaker John Boehner.

May 9, 2011

The Cross and the Switchblade Author David Wilkerson Dies
He founded the youth ministry Teen Challenge.

Americans See Class Between Christianity, Capitalism
But views differ with demographics.

Acceptance Grows for Autistic Kids in Church
N.J. has the highest rate of autism in the U.S.

Vatican Praises Catholic Bloggers
Vatican wants to harness the potential of social networks.

May 2, 2011

Supreme Court Limits Prisoners' Right to Sue
Prison inmates deprived of religious rights cannot sue for monetary damages.

Study: Congregation Slow Recovering From Recession
Recession directly hurt budgets in American congregations.

Bill Would Limit Military Funeral Protests
Bill is supported by several military groups.

Poll: KJV Still Popular
400 Years on, version is still widely used.

April 25, 2011

Study: Pro-Life Laws Aid Abortion Decline
Abortions dropped 22 percent from 1990 to 2005.

Senate Confirms Religious Freedom Ambassador
Suzan Johnson was nominated in June 2010.

Court Dismisses Challenge to National Day of Prayer
The National Day of Prayer will be observed on May 5.

Burned Church Nears Completion as Suspect Found Guilty
Michael Jacques was convicted on arson and civil rights charges.

April 18, 2011

New Regulations Mean Church Nurseries Must Replace Cribs
The new regulations outlaw drop-side cribs.

Anglicans Move to Prevent Sham Marriages
Strict identity checks are now required.

Catholic Bishops Report Seven Abuse Cases in 2010
Settlements totaled $70 million in 2010.

Lost-lost Letter Sheds Light on Lincoln's Faith

The estimated worth of the letter is $35,000.

April 11, 2011

Court Says Adventist Postmen Can’t Get Saturday Off
Sabbaths off creates “undue hardship,” Missouri circuit judge rules.

Small Churches Feeling Financial Squeeze
Only 12 percent reported unchanged giving from 2009.

Alabama Church Bans Employees Social Networking with Minors
The policy was implemented April 1.

Study Suggests Young Adults Can Get Fat at Church

First time longitudinal study of obesity linked to religious involvement.

April 4, 2011

Supreme Court to Weigh Church Employment Issues
Do ministerial exceptions extend to teachers?

Pope Calls for Libyan Cease-fire
The Pontiff noted the importance of reconciliation.

Facebook-divorce Stats: Couples ‘Be Wise,’ Experts Say
Social networking is becoming a growing factor in divorces.

Charitable Giving Stabilizes in 2010

Charities report improvement in fundraising.

March 28, 2011

Adventist Churches Among Those Burned in Ethiopia
Several Adventist homes have also burned.

Missionaries Grapple with Leaving Japan
About 8,000 missionaries are in Japan.

Trial Opens in Massachusetts Black Church Arson Case
If convicted, Michael F. Jacques faces a minimum of 10 years in prison.

Evangelicals Resist White House's Childhood Obesity Push

The "Let's Move" initiative has drawn praise criticism from conservatives.

March 21, 2011

Adventists Grow as Other Churches Decline
Adventists are the fastest growing Christian denomination in North America.

Nuclear Threat Complicates Japan Relief Effort
Safety restrictions hinder Baptist relief efforts.

Churches Press Obama to Reengage on Middle East
Twenty Christian leaders call for renewed diplomatic efforts.

Westboro Church Plans Protest of Funeral for Pa. Children
The church recently won a free-speech case in the Supreme Court.

Wisconsin Dispute Exposes Catholic Split on Unions
Bishops differ on the proper role of unions.

March 14, 2011

Adventist Wins Fight Not to Join Union
The worker will still subject to collective bargaining.

Evangelicals Push Back on Proposed Budget Cuts
Faith groups decry reduced help for the poor.

U.S. House GOP to Defend DOMA
Defense of Marriage Act is supported by many religious groups.

German Catholic Church Offers Cash to Abuse Victims
Some cases date back decades.

March 7, 2011

Afghan Convert Fears Execution
Shoaib Assadullah was given one week to recant Christianity.

Some NZ Churches Mourn Their Dead
The earthquake killed 147.

Alumni Defend Paddling at Catholic School
Many parents want corporal punishment.

Publisher Backs off Warning Label For Evangelical Books
The labels warned purchasers to “read with discernment.”

February 28, 2011

Faith Groups Defend Tax Deductions For Charitable Giving
Obama Wants reduced tax deductions for some donors.

Oregon Bill Would End Protections For Faith Healers
Supporters say bill reduces child deaths.

Grassroots Group Pressures King on Muslim Hearings
80 faith leaders object to hearings on the radicalization of U.S. Muslims.

Vatican: iPhone Apps Won’t Forgive Sins
The app helps people prepare for confession.

February 21, 2011

Report: Church Crime Up 44 Percent
Many churches need tighter security measures.

At 102, George Beverly Shea Receives Lifetime Grammy Award
He worked with Billy Graham for more than 60 years.

Netherlands: a Modern Noah Builds His Ark
He will take the vessel around the world.

Court: Jehovah’s Witnesses Need Better Access to Homes
ACLU hails the court ruling.

February 14, 2011

Judge Upholds Georgia Law Preventing Guns in Churches
Gun advocates said the law was unconstitutional.

Obama Names Second Round of Faith-based Advisers
The 12 advisors were announced Feb. 12.

Vatican to Draft Guidelines for Catholic Hospitals
New bioethical standards will be published later this year.

Judge’s Ten Commandment Poster Ruled Unconstitutional

The case will likely be appealed.

February 9, 2011

Sudanese Referendum Could Open Door for the Gospel
Nearly 99 percent of southern Sudanese voted to split from the north.

Russian Patriarch Denounces Moscow Airport Bombing
Patriarch Kirill I called the incident "the horrifying scowl of sin."

Court Says Religious Knowledge Test Improper in Asylum Case
Lei Li was improperly denied asylum.

February 4, 2011

For Egypt's Christians, Conditions Could Worsen
Egypt riots are different than Tunisia uprisings.

Judge Kills Most Lutheran Retirees' Claims
Pensioners allegedly owed $40 million.

Catholic Hospitals, Bishops Reach Accord
Bishops get final say on medical morality questions.

U.S. Muslim Population to Double in 20 Years
Muslims will eclipse 6.2 million.

January 24, 2011

Wallis, Colson Call For Christian Civility on 'Hot' Issues
Christianity Today article launched before State of the Union speech.

Clergy Urges Congress to Unite Behind Push for Civility
More than 50 leaders signed on to an open letter to congress.

Vatican Closes 9 Boston Churches
Closings come despite protests.

Supreme Court Lets 'Gay Marriage' Ruling Stand in Washington, D.C.
The decision blocks a referendum on the definition of marriage.

Jews Score Higher on "Well-being" Survey
More than 550,000 were polled.

January 14, 2011

All Eyes on Sudan Independence Vote
The referendum may split Africa's largest nation.

Iran: Dozens of Christians Arrested, Reports Indicate
Campaign against Christian converts alleged.

Senator Concludes Prove of TV Ministries
Charles Grassley calls for stronger "sell reform."

Army 'Spirituality Test' Raises Serious Questions
Some atheists say it alienates non-believers.

January 7, 2011

Egyptian Church Bombing Kills 21
Christians protest, attack Muslims.

Catholic Bishops, Evangelicals Praise START Treaty
The treaty reduces nuclear arms by 30 percent.

Gallup: More Religious, More Healthy
More than 550,000 people were surveyed.

IHOP Restaurants Drop Suit Against IHOP (the church)
The restaurant chain had claimed trademark infringement.

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