Protection, Miracles Seen by Adventists During Massive Queensland Flooding
Six weeks of rain unleashes torrents in northeast Australia; churches, crops protected

Seventh-day Adventists in the northeastern corner of Australia are, with their neighbors, coping with massive flooding—the worst in at least 50 years, according to media reports —that struck an area of the country larger in size than France and Germany combined. The flooding reached its peak in the first week of January, following six weeks of steady rains.
CROPS SAFE: Amid massive, tragic flooding in Queensland, Australia, one Seventh-day Adventist farmer was providentially able to secure his wheat harvest before the floods hit. Here, the wheat harvest is safely stored in giant white plastic “sausages.”
No churches sustained serious damage, according to information available at Adventist Review’s publishing deadline. One congregation in Dalby, Queensland, filled its baptistry before the flood as a preventative measure, but waters did not reach the sanctuary. A Seventh-day Adventist teacher and his pregnant wife were evacuated from Bundaberg as floodwaters entered their home.

All told, in Bundaberg water entered only two Adventist homes and one Adventist business. But the level of the flood was predicted several days previously, and church members helped the business owner lift stock and equipment above the expected flood level.

In the southeasternmost corner of Queensland an Adventist wheat crop was saved from the floods in a remarkable answer to prayer.

When the rain began, a local church started to pray that the Adventist farmer could harvest his crop.

Caloundra church members agreed to pray until the end of the year. And just after the last day of their prayers, the farmer finished his wheat harvest.

The day after the prayers stopped, the floods hit his town, and it will be cut off for a month. But the Adventist member’s wheat crop is high and dry.

ADRA Aids Flooding Victims
Following the worst flooding across Queensland in at least 50 years, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Australia is working in partnership with the Queensland government and other agencies to provide immediate emergency assistance to flood-affected families, the agency said in a statement.

Chris Olafson, ADRA Australia’s emergency management director, has announced an immediate $A50,000 contribution to the Queensland Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal, supporting the coordinated response to this disaster by the Queensland Government.

“As the floodwaters continue to move through towns, including Emerald and Rockhampton, affected residents have been evacuated to safe community centers. The extent of property damage and personal loss is still unknown. This disaster will require a long-term community response,” said Ron Jenkins, ADRA’s disaster recovery coordinator for Queensland.

                                                                                              —with additional reporting by Adventist Review staff.


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