Andrews University President, Two Vice Presidents, Resign

n March 6, the Andrews University Board of Trustees held its spring meeting on the campus of Andrews University. An executive session of the Board that day very carefully examined the recent strategic direction of the university and its related plans for the future. As it discussed these issues, the Board felt that the university needed to explore the opportunities that would be offered by new leadership and the ability it would provide to implement a new strategic direction that fulfills the mission and vision of the university.

In connection with these strategies for the future, the Board announced some key changes in the administration of the university. They are as follows:

  • Niels-Erik Andreasen (top right) has submitted his resignation from the office of the president of Andrews University, effective immediately. This resignation was accepted, with regret, by the Board. Even with this decision, he will continue to serve and advise Andrews while he seeks another position and the work of identifying his replacement begins. 
  • Patricia Mutch, (middle right) vice president for academic administration, and Edward Wines, (bottom right) vice president of financial administration, also submitted their resignations. The Board also accepted these resignations, with regret, to be effective June 30. Their work over the next few months will provide administrative direction for the university as theirs and the president’s replacements are identified. 

In accepting their resignations, the Board commended these individuals for guiding the university during a significant and challenging time in the university’s history.

As the university prepares to move forward, search committees are being appointed and will have representation from the various constituencies that make up and represent Andrews University. Additionally, interim leadership will be appointed as soon as possible to provide additional leadership to the university during this time of transition.

The Board also commends the faculty and staff, who will continue to provide strong support on a day-to-day basis as this change in direction for the future of Andrews University is fully explored and implemented.

As additional information becomes available, the Board will communicate to the campus through the Office of University Relations.

Andrews University is located in Berrien Springs, Michigan.—Andrews University Office of University Relations.

An Update From Gerry Karst, AU Board Chair 

Following the Board of Trustees' acceptance of the resignation of Dr. Andreasen on Monday, March 6, 2006, and to best support the work of the university, I have requested Dr. Andreasen's kind assistance for ongoing functions of the University.

I am requesting that he carry on the responsibility for leading out at the university to see that all matters relating to the academic and corporate functions of the university are dealt with. This arrangement will be in place until the Board of Trustees has identified an interim president and a permanent successor has been elected, or until his personal plans may call for relocation.

Dr. Andreasen has graciously accepted this responsibility in a cooperative spirit of ongoing support of Andrews University. I have made arrangements to return to campus this Thursday, March 9. I look forward to meeting with the campus, and to provide further information about the progress and the steps needed for a smooth transition. University Relations will inform you of these upcoming appointments as the details are worked out.

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