Adventists Show Well at Associated Church Press Convention

BY STEPHEN CHAVEZ, managing editor, Adventist Review

Four Seventh-day Adventist publications were recognized for their contributions to Christian publishing at the Associated Church Press (ACP) convention held April 27-29 in Chicago. Adventist Review, Adventist World, Ministry, and the Columbia Union Visitor were among those named “Best of the Christian Press” at the ACP’s annual event.

AWARD WINNERS: A few of the issues of Adventist Review that received awards at the ACP Convention. Adventist World, Ministry, and the Columbia Union Visitor also took awards at the convention’s award ceremony.
“Our mission to inspire and inform Seventh-day Adventists around the world drives our weekly and monthly publications,” says Bill Knott, editor and executive publisher of Adventist Review and Adventist World. “Our primary audience—and the one we care most about—is the reader who finds in these magazines a sense of deep connection to a world-circling fellowship of faith and outreach. But it certainly is gratifying to have peers in Christian publishing notice and applaud the quality of our work. I’m enormously proud of this team of hard-working professionals, and I congratulate them for the part they have each played in this recognition.”

Adventist Review was honored with an award of excellence for its coverage of the 2010 General Conference session in Atlanta. Adventist Review art designer Bryan Gray received an award of merit for his design of the June 30, 2010 issue, which was the fifth of the General Conference bulletins produced on-site at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

Assistant editor Kimberly Luste Maran’s interview with Ian Bonilla, “Just a Regular Guy” (May 20, 2010), brought her an award of merit in the interview category. Maran's biographical profile of Adventist author Joe Wheeler garnered an honorable mention for the article "Christmas in My Heart--And Beyond" (Dec. 16, 2010). Illustrator Ralph Butler also received an award of merit in humor graphic for his illustration that accompanied the cover story “Bumpers, Sandboxes, Autographs, and the Power of Jesus” (Aug. 26, 2010). Adventist Review also received an honorable mention in best in class: newsletter for its KidsView.

BEST IN CLASS: Beth Michaels (right), assistant director of communication for the Columbia Union receives the award of excellence for best denominational magazine on behalf of the Visitor. At left is Verity Jones, ACP president. PHOTO: S. Chavez
Adventist World received an award of merit in the devotional (long format) category for J. Stanley McCluskey’s article “Can We Always Count on God’s Protection?” (January, 2010). Adventist World also received an honorable mention, citing the magazine’s design firm, Dever Designs, for its design of the cover story “Convicted by a Scrap of Paper” (June, 2010).

Ministry: International Journal for Pastors received an award of excellence in the category biblical interpretation for “The Gehazi Syndrome: Suffering Familiarity with the Holy” (May, 2010), written by Adventist Review associate editor Gerald A. Klingbeil. The article, “The Internal Dynamic of Credible Preaching (May, 2010) by David E. Thomas, received an award of merit from the judges.

The Columbia Union Visitor received an award of excellence for best in class: denominational magazine.

The Associated Church Press, founded in 1916, is the oldest association of Christian publications in the United States. This year’s convention was held in conjunction with the Canadian Church Press.

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