Documentary Film The Adventists
Wins Award

Public Broadcasting release highlights denomination’s health work

The documentary film The Adventists won a Gabriel Award as this year’s outstanding nationally released televised film on religion.

The Gabriel Award, established in 1965, is considered one of North America’s top media awards for a “values-centered view of society and humanity.”

“We released the film to [Public Broadcasting] stations last spring, at a time when our country was deeply embroiled in the health-care debate, as an alternative to the media’s focus on health and economics,” said Martin Doblmeier, producer of The Adventists.

“The story offered a way to speak about health care in terms of faith—that health care could be ‘sacred work,’ that caring for the body was caring for the ‘temple of God,’ and many people resonated with those ideas,” Doblmeier said.

The Gabriel Awards are sponsored by the Catholic Academy for Communication Arts Professionals.

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