Martin’s Story                                                                              [Main Story]

Martin had been converted to Adventism years before, but had slowly slipped away. When he married Marlene, he had probably been gone about 15 years. He and Marlene began to talk about getting back to the Lord and to church. She, knowing nothing of his Adventist heritage, said to him one day, “I’ll go with you to whatever church you want, as long as it’s not a Seventh-day Adventist church!” She didn’t have any strong biases against Adventists except that they simply went to church on the wrong day and ate funny.
But it wasn’t long before they received one of our evangelistic flyers in the mail. The series was going to be at a local nondenominational church (one we were renting). Marlene was pushing to attend. Martin looked at the brochure and thought, That’s an Adventist meeting.
Perhaps, he thought, this could be God’s leading me back to His church. In the end, when they were baptized with their son, it was exactly that. Both are active leaders in the church today—in love with Christ and The Adventure as part of the worldwide movement of Adventism.

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