Encounters With Ellen White
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During an interview with Alma McKibbin at her home in Mountain View, California, in 1967, McKibbin shared some interesting encounters she had had with Ellen White.*
In the early 1900s McKibbin was writing lesson books for church school children when Ellen White stopped by Healdsburg College for a visit. “She asked me how I was getting along with my writing,” McKibbin said. When McKibbin explained to her that there were children’s Sabbath school lessons available but no lessons for children in church school, Ellen White responded, “That’s very important, a very important work. And how are you getting along?”
“Well,” McKibbin told her, “I’m trying to write the history of the latter part of the Old Testament, and I’m having some difficulties, because this has never been taught in our schools, even in our colleges. I never had the opportunity of studying under anyone, and there’s some things I don’t understand very well.”
Ellen White nodded, but didn’t say anything more. Then two weeks later Clarence Crisler, Ellen White’s secretary at the time, needed to run some errands at Healdsburg College. Ellen White said to him, “I’m so happy that you do, because I want to send some things to Sister McKibbin. Will you please go through my library and yours and select the books pertaining to the latter part of the Old Testament? She needs them.”
On top of the large box of books that Crisler gave to McKibbin was the manuscript for Ellen White’s book Prophets and Kings, which had not yet been published.
“I was the first one to read Prophets and Kings,” McKibbin said. “And that is the way Sister White helped me.”
Another time McKibbin was staying with Ellen White’s secretary Miss Peck, who lived next to Mrs. White’s home. One night McKibbin was unable to sleep, and she overheard Ellen White praying.
“I’d never heard such a prayer in my life before,” McKibbin said. “She was praying for our people. The Scripture[s] speak of the burden of Isaiah, the burden of Jeremiah. I found out the burden of [a] modern prophet. I was sobbing long before she finished, because she saw so clearly the exact condition of our people. And she was praying for the Lord to help us. . . . And she finished, as always, with a prayer for the young people. . . . Never anywhere did I ever hear her speak without somewhere bringing in the children . . . and the young people.
“If the young people aren’t prepared,” McKibbin added, “the message will never be finished, and how she realized it.”
* Taken from an interview of Alma McKibbin by James Nix and James Barnard on August 2, 1967.

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