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Since Ellen White's death in 1915, the church's membership has grown from 130,000 members to more than 13 million. In her will, Mrs. White provided for the ongoing use of her writings by establishing a self-perpetuating board of trustees to oversee her literary estate. In 1907 she wrote, "Whether or not my life is spared, my writings will constantly speak, and their work will go forward as long as time shall last."*

Ellen White's will designated several responsibilities for her board: (1) protect the copyrights to her books; (2) promote her books in the English language; (3) prepare compilations from her writings; (4) promote the translation and publication of her books in non-English languages; and (5) preserve her original letters and manuscripts. More recently, other responsibilities have been added: (1) provide guides for groups visiting historic Adventist sites in New England and elsewhere; (2) promote the denomination's heritage on behalf of the General Conference; and (3) be the constituency for Adventist Heritage Ministry.

Branch Offices and Research Centers. As part of its effort to make Ellen White's writings accessible to church members around the world, the White Estate operates branch offices in the United States at Andrews University, Loma Linda University, and Oakwood College. In addition, Ellen G. White-SDA research centers are operated in each of the world divisions.

Subsequently, the Inter-American Division decided to fund a second center that opened in 2003 in Jamaica. In 2004 the first university-funded Research Center opened at Southwestern Adventist University in Texas.

New Books. During this quinquennium, Prayer, Heaven, and the 2005 morning devotional, To Be Like Jesus, were published. In addition, The Ministry of Health and Healing, a contemporary English version of The Ministry of Healing, was produced.

Youth Initiatives. In addition to a video and brochures, two paraphrased books specifically for young adults were released: A Call to Stand Apart and Messiah, the latter being a paraphrase of The Desire of Ages.

Translations. The White Estate works closely with the Spirit of Prophecy Committee of the General Conference to foster translations of Ellen G. White books. In 2005 Steps to Christ crossed the 150 mark in terms of languages into which it has been translated. The White Estate is also working closely with the General Conference to produce an affordable set of 10 Ellen G. White books in the major languages of the church's membership.

World Ministry. During the quinquennium, White Estate staff held workshops or other meetings in all of the church's world divisions. A yearlong special price on the estate's CD-ROM products was also offered pastors and teachers around the world.

Electronic Products. Besides the four CD-ROM products previously available from the White Estate, several Ellen G. White Books were made available on its Web site: www.whiteestate.org. Likewise, enhancements were made to the EGW online database, allowing free searches of Ellen G. White books. More recently, a Macintosh version of the estate's CD-ROM was released.

Ongoing Projects. The work of annotating all of Ellen White's unpublished letters and manuscripts was started in 2003, with the goal of publishing the first volume in late 2005. It will cover the years 1845 to 1859. Subsequent volumes will appear as they are ready. Work also is progressing on a CD-ROM designed specifically for children, under the working title Legacy-Kids, and on a manuscript containing Ellen White's counsels regarding urban ministry.

Adventist Heritage Ministry. Several projects were undertaken in Historic Adventist Village in Battle Creek, Michigan, this quinquennium. The village annually hosts nearly 10,000 visitors. In 2004 the North American Division Executive Committee members spent the Sabbath preceding their year-end meeting there.

Keeping the Vision Alive. The traveling and support staff of the White Estate are committed to "keeping the vision alive." As the church moves forward on its prophetic end-time assignment, the White Estate will continue to call attention to the inspired counsels found in the writings of Ellen G. White.
*Selected Messages, book.
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