Bible Study Is Second Phase of Inter-American Division’s Revival Initiative
10,000 members witness launch of Heeding the Word

BY LIBNA STEVENS, Inter-American Division, reporting from San Salvador, El Salvador

Leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Inter-American Division are publicly committing to promote Bible study throughout their territory.

A spiritual revival ceremony last month launched the Heeding the Word initiative, the second of the division’s three-phase implementation of the denomination’s Revival and Reformation focus.

“Heeding the Word is a clarion call to the Inter-American church to spend time with the Bible, listen to what God has to say in His Word, understand the significance of His message, and be willing to follow His instructions as they appear in the Bible,” Israel Leito, president of the division, told some 10,000 members gathered at the International Center for Fairs and Conventions in San Salvador, El Salvador, on July 23, 2011.

BIBLE STUDY URGED: Church leaders in Inter-America are promoting Bible study throughout the territory. Here, the Heeding the Word initiative is launched July 23, 2011, at a convention center in San Salvador, El Salvador. [PHOTO: Libna Stevens/IAD]
During the program, top church leaders from each of the 21 division territories signed a covenant document committing to be faithful to God in promoting the study, practice, and teaching of the Bible in each of their regions.

The live event was carried through the church’s two radio stations, and the program was rebroadcast hours later on El Salvador’s national television channel 33.

Earlier this year, the church in Inter-America embarked on a 160-day prayer initiative, titled “Constant in Prayer,” promoting prayer revival for children and young people, students and teachers in schools and university campuses, as well as the church’s pastoral workforce. In addition, some 100,000 families throughout the territory opened their homes to worship, praise, and prayer for their neighbors and friends.

Several local pastors said they are excited about Heeding the Word.

“This initiative launch has made me recommit to studying more diligently the Word of God and motivating my members to seek a spiritual revival through prayer, the Bible, and the study of the prophetic books of Ellen G. White,” said Marcos Gamaliel Herrera, a district pastor in the central region in El Salvador. Herrera, 26, oversees nine congregations and two groups.

As the church in Inter-America moves into its second phase of spiritual revival during the next six months, activities are already in place to blend in all three phases for the next launch in February 2012. The third phase, So the World May Know, is designed to motivate church members to be active in spiritual revival to share the good news of salvation.

Upcoming Heeding the Word revival activities include a virtual ministerial council, a Bible quiz competition for young people, a Bible-focus week in schools and institutions, a study of the Adventist doctrines throughout churches, a massive distribution of the book The Great Controversy (written by church cofounder Ellen G. White), and disciple training of 1 million members.

There are nearly 3.4 million members in the Inter-American Division, which includes the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and the five most northern countries in South America. n

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