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Tell me more about the Bible studies you conduct in your Atlanta, Georgia, apartment.
Stacey: I’m not a Bible teacher, but I lead Bible studies. It took a year and a half for God to get me to a place where I was willing to do that because I said I would never do that. How many things does God call us to that we don’t feel the natural ability to do? In fact I don’t think any of us have ever had what it takes to do what we do. We’re asking the wrong question when we ask how will I do that, we should be asking will I do it.
How many people come?
We average 8-12. They’re all from the community. And sometimes just one person comes, month after month.
How did you get the word out that you were having Bible studies?
It started with three of my friends from the neighborhood. I invited them to come and share their life story with me and after we had all shared our stories I asked if any of them would be interested in getting together for a meal once a week and learn about the story of Jesus.
What other things are you involved in with neighbors?
We share our lives, so anything that we are doing we include others. Every aspect of our life God suggested we use for His glory, to actually seek ye first the kingdom of God in all our affairs. We do a lot of transportation, we joke that after the cars got stolen we realized transportation was a big need here. People need transportation, they need to look for jobs, apply at schools, pick up groceries.

One guy used our Volvo for three months. They moved to Douglasville. They left the community, and they took our car, keeping in contact. Finally I had to ask for the car back—it was difficult having one car. But we just use what we have, and share what we have. That’s what I would tell anyone interested in a ministry like ours:  “Start where you are, with what you have.”
Is that what you hope the readers will take with them—that idea?
I hope that they will see that when they believe and have courage to step out of their comfort zone (it’s fairly comfortable now, but I mean, we’ve been here almost four years, and I had a hard time the first year we were here) God will bless.

And we’ve simplified a lot. I mean, I don’t even work now. I’m a registered nurse, but I’m going to stay home now with the children. And I believe that God will bless. Just like He told Abraham, “Go and be a blessing.” If we could do that—go and be a blessing to somebody, instead of, “God, please bless me. I need another car. God, please bless me. My house is so bad.”—we will be blessed. When you bless other people, God blesses you!

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