Montemorelos University Enrollment Strong Months After Shooting
New campus security measures in place to protect students, staff

hree months after the shooting death of a Montemorelos University student, the new school year at the Seventh-day Adventist-owned institution has begun with tightened security and a full student body of nearly 1,900.

With only 34 fewer students enrolled this year compared to last, university leaders are thankful to have full classrooms and dormitories once again.

Each semester’s new enrollment is “a testimony of the reality of God’s promises and the faith of students, parents, and teachers,” said university president Ismael Castillo.

UNITED IN PRAYER: Medical students pray August 30, 2011, at the beginning of a new school year at Adventist-owned Montemorelos University in Mexico. University enrollment remains strong three months after the shooting death of a student. [PHOTO: MU]
The Adventist community in Montemorelos was shocked when university student Yoselin Pérez Ramírez was the victim of an apparent attempted kidnapping last May in downtown Montemorelos. Her death is still under investigation.

“Our campus has been designed and organized so that the students whose parents live far from the university can have the safety, attention, and education that they need,” Raquel Korniejczuk, academic affairs vice president of Montemorelos University, said in a statement.

Since the incident and in light of growing insecurity in Mexico, the university has taken additional security measures to “reduce the possibility of exposure to dangerous situations,” Korniejczuk said.

These include reducing evening activities so students and staff can return to their homes before dark and restricting access to the 49-acre campus.

In addition, students, faculty, and staff have undergone security orientation and education. A hotline is now available for students to dial in case of emergencies, and trips outside campus have been reduced or eliminated. Additional videos and precautionary measures are available on the university’s Web site.

New student Jediael Hernández said passing the admission exam for the School of Medicine at Montemorelos is a dream come true. Hernández is part of a record-high group of 102 students who began their career in medicine this school year.

“This has been a miraculous registration, and it will be a year of miracles,” said Ekel Collins, vice president for student affairs.

Montemorelos University is an Adventist institution accredited by the Adventist Accrediting Association and the second of three Adventist universities worldwide that grant degrees in medicine. Located in Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and established in 1942, Montemorelos University offers dozens of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

                                                                                                                              —Ana Elisa Mena contributed to this report

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