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A Message for Our Time
Thank you for the editorial “Truth in Advertising” (Oct. 13, 2011) and speaking against alcohol. It’s rare to hear this kind of talk in Christian and Adventist circles any more, as well as in our publications.

Please pray that Measure 1183 on the Washington ballot will not pass. It would mean hard liquor would be sold in grocery stores and Costcos all over the state, eliminating the many safeguards and limited number of liquor stores currently in operation.

Instead, there could be easy access to liquor day and night, impulse buys while grocery shopping, ads for hard liquor, and lower prices. As you can imagine, more accessibility, availability, and cheaper prices will only increase the health and social problems that come from alcohol use and abuse. More alcohol in the home means it is more accessible to kids and teens.

Grocery stores simply want to make big money, with no concern that they are selling a drug. Please urge your Washington friends to vote with prayer and according to their conscience.

--Rachel Vixie
Walla Walla, Washington

Since we received this letter, Initiative 1183 was approved by a 60 percent majority.--Editors

Isn’t It Obvious?
Thank you for the column “Searching the Obvious.” I appreciate the message and  am constantly challenged to serve in my Christian life.

Thank you also for the amazing stories and editorials. I am a fairly new Adventist, and I enjoy sharing this publication with my colleagues.

--Edward Rich
Salt Lake, Utah

Good Memories
I read that Leslie Pollard was installed as president of Oakwood University. I was baptized during his Pentecost 2000 series in South Africa. I thank God for people like him. May he grow more in his knowledge of God and may his family be blessed.

I’m also thankful for the prayers of the prayer team. May God anoint them with the Holy Spirit.

East London, South Africa

Worth Sharing
I found your October 13 issue full of articles that spoke to me and blessed me. I scanned five different articles and e-mailed them to the women in my prayer circle. We meet once a week to pray for our children, etc.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to receiving my copy. I’ve cancelled most of the other magazines I receive, but not the Review.

--Kay Baumgartner
Norristown, Pennsylvania

A Keeper
The September 22 Week of Prayer issue is definitely a keeper! I don’t know when I have been so inspired by the writings, especially those by William Johnsson, our former Review editor. Not only have I underlined portions of all the articles but I am considering laminating the entire issue to keep it for posterity.

--Linda Whicker
Denver, North Carolina

Why I Stayed
Emily Carlson’s article “My Church Saved Me” (Sept. 15, 2011) led me to look at why I have remained in the church for more than 60 years. I give my dedicated parents, many years in Adventist education, and my love of the wonderful messages God gave us through Ellen G. White some of the credit.

But my main reason for staying through the tough times, small church feuding, large church doldrums, leadership misconduct, and doctrinal debates is our wonderful Savior Jesus Christ and the unshakable knowledge that He has forgiven me, daily sustains me, and gives me power to go forward.

Because Jesus saved me I am willing to step up and be a part of His end-time movement. And, just maybe, keeping my eyes on Jesus will bleed over into my life and some young person will get excited about Him as well.

--Beverly Koester

Time for Vigilance
Mark Finley’s article “Seeking a Deeper Spiritual Experience” (Aug. 11, 2011) is most timely.

God has placed watchmen on the walls of Zion, and Finley is one of those godly spiritual leaders. We would do well heed his words of wisdom.

I was dismayed at some of the letters to the Review regarding spiritual formation. All is not well with the church. We are being assailed on every side from within as well as without. Satan is pulling out all the stops in an attempt to destroy the church. We have a solemn warning from Christ Himself that in the end times Satan would seek to deceive the very elect (Matt. 24:24). That time is now.

The number and prevalence of warnings by godly people should be increased, not lessened as some suggest. Everything should be examined in the light of God’s Word. We should have our eyes open to the dangers gathering around us. The deceptions should be laid wide open lest even one should be deceived. If we don’t recognize these deceptions for what they are we will be swept into the camp of the enemy. None of us are safe unless we recognize our own fallibility and heed the messages given to our people to secure us from Satan’s cleverly-disguised deceptions.

This is not the time to rest on our laurels, believing that we are safe from the wiles of the devil. The Spirit of Prophecy tells us that unless we fortify ourselves with the truths of the Bible we will not stand.

God has blessed us with abundant resources from His Word, the Spirit of Prophecy, and thoughtful, godly people to guide us safely through these increasingly perilous times. It is not safe to ignore or dismiss any of these warnings.

We can be thankful and certain that as we follow God’s instructions He will secure our eternal salvation.

--Lorna Wagner
Stockton, California

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