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Ozark Academy in Gentry, Arkansas, is taking a creative route in its efforts to provide additional work opportunities for the students. In 2009 the school established Skyline Graphic Industries, which employs four students as well as a full-time graphic designer. Donations for the endeavor provided the start-up funds, then in 2010 local businessmen came on board to help manage the industry in its early stages.
Skyline offers several services, including screen printing; embroidery; wide-format printing of banners, signs, and backdrops; and laser engraving. Most of Skyline’s customers are churches and other academies, but local businesses also comprise a portion of its clientele.
As well as earning money toward school tuition, “the students gain real-world experience here,” Skyline manager Andrea Salguero says. Salguero has been with Skyline for two years, and even though the industry currently employs only a few students, she sees much growth potential.
The academy offers additional student employment in the cafeteria, dormitories, grounds, and maintenance, and as teacher aids. Some students also work at the nearby Little Debbie/Sunbelt plant.
For more information about Ozark Academy, call 479-736-2221 or go to www.ozarkacademy.org.
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