What Can You Do?
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I posed this question to a few individuals: “What would you say to someone who has a burden for young people who are out of the church?”
Manny Cruz, associate director of Youth Ministries for the North American Division, answered, “We need to follow the example of Jesus, and focus more on their needs than on trying to convert them. I’m not saying it’s necessarily wrong to give someone a food basket and stick a Signs of the Times in there, but I think we need to be careful. We should give people a food basket just because they’re hungry.”
As one young person shared, the best thing adults can do for her generation is to “keep embracing them.” She thinks adults shouldn’t embrace the bad habits we have—but the individual’s heart is always more important than what they are doing with their spare time.
“I don’t think that adults should remove themselves and say, ‘Hey, kids, come find us when you get it together,’ ” she said. “I know I’m making decisions that are not of God, but if anyone asked me seriously, ‘Do you want to live this way as an adult?’ Well, no. So keep reaching out [to us], don’t become angry, keep embracing us.”

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