Division-wide “Bible Experience”
Challenge Hits Silver Spring

26 teams showed knowledge of Scripture (Posted May 17, 2012)

BY TANISHA GREENIDGE, North American Division

A total of 26 Pathfinder teams from across the North American Division (NAD) competed for awards during the NAD-level Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) on Saturday, April 21, 2012.  The NAD Youth Ministries Department created and sponsored this event as a way to standardize the Bible Bowl format that is traditionally used in many churches throughout the world, leaders said.

During the two-hour competition Pathfinders responded to 90 questions that ranged from “What will God’s response be if we do not forgive others?” to “How much did Goliath’s coat of mail weigh?” Many clubs began preparing for the competition in October 2011. To reach the division competition level, clubs tested against other teams within their district or conference before advancing to the union level, and then to the final competition.

HAPPY PATHFINDERS: The Houston United African Royal Knights (Texas Conference, Southwestern Union) accept their first-place certificate during the North American Division-level Pathfinder Bible Experience, April 21, 2012, in Silver Spring, Maryland.
Excitement rippled through the auditorium as the testing ended. Any hardships that teams encountered to reach the division level resulted in smiles, fist bumps, and satisfied relief.

“It was an amazing experience. Hopefully, we’ll do better than we think,” said an expectant Aryn Flaig, 16, a member of the Piedmont Park Thunderbirds from the Mid-America Union.

A total of 24 teams placed at the PBE and received award certificates. Teams that scored 90 percent or higher received top spot. There were 11 first-place winners, eight second-place teams, and five third-place title winners. A 2013 event is planned for Lincoln, Nebraska.

“It’s more than just studying the Bible and knowing facts and figures,” said James L. Black, Sr., director of the NAD Youth Ministries Department. “We are hoping that this sparks renewed interest in God’s Word and that there is a resurgence [among the youth] of their love for God’s Word and that they will embrace the mission of the church.”

Creators hope that the Pathfinder Bible Experience will inspire young lives: “I would like for them to walk away knowing that their church loves them and that they continue to study the Word of God,” said Manny Cruz, associate director of the NAD Youth Ministries Department. n

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