Quiet Hour, Adventist Radio Outreach, Celebrates 75 Years
Preachers, musicians, note effort to share gospel worldwide. (Posted June 28, 2012)

BY STEVE HAMSTRA, Quiet Hour Ministries, reporting from Redlands, California

Diamond anniversaries are truly something to celebrate. And on Sabbath, April 28, 2012, more than 1,000 people joined Quiet Hour Ministries (QHM) in celebrating 75 years of sharing God’s saving grace.

WELCOME: Bill Tucker and his wife, Jackie, welcome attendees to the seventy-fifth anniversary celebration for Adventist-supporting Quiet Hour Ministries. Tucker is the third generation, after his father and grandfather, to serve as QHM president and speaker. [PHOTOS: Richard Steffens]
The special event featured José Rojas, QHM board member and mission trip volunteer, as guest speaker. Award-winning vocalist Wintley Phipps provided special music and treated attendees to an afternoon concert.

Worldwide evangelism is the central focus of Quiet Hour Ministries, and the seventy-fifth celebration was no different. Throughout the program there were exciting mission stories directly from the ministry’s volunteers and mission field leaders.

Randy and Rob Steffens, two young men who have joined several QHM evangelism mission trips, shared amazing stories from their experience on the QHM mission to Baguio City, Philippines, last year. Hearty amens went up from the audience as the Steffens brothers told how God opened the way for them to share the gospel in a large public high school in Baguio City.

They also explained how a local woman came to the baptism service asking if she could be baptized as well. Not recognizing her from their meetings, the two asked how she came to make this decision. She told them that each night she had listened to their meetings from her window just across the street from the meeting site. Believing what she heard, the woman said she’d given her heart to Jesus, and she was baptized that very day.

Other mission presenters included Dr. Dianne Fillman, who shared about her volunteer work in QHM medical clinics held as part of our evangelistic mission trips. Joedy and Judy Melashenko told about their experience leading QHM youth mission trips.

Dan Smith shared stories from his many QHM mission trips. Swamidass Johnson, an Adventist pastor from India, told many about the team of QHM gospel workers he leads, which reaches unentered areas around the city of Chennai.

CHENNAI STORIES: Swamidass Johnson from Chennai, India, told how God uses QHM gospel workers to reach unentered areas around Chennai.
In addition, attendees got a unique look at the QHM vision for worldwide evangelism, which includes reaching, by 2016, more than 1 million people every year through 5,000 evangelism volunteers.

There was also a special time to look back over the many milestones of the ministry’s 75-year history. Video and audio clips were interspersed with interviews of Alma Tucker, who brings a background of more than 65 years with the ministry, and Bill and Jackie Tucker. Bill Tucker, president and speaker, was just 3 years old when he was first on a Quiet Hour broadcast!

An offering was received during the event that is sufficient for 81 evangelistic series by teams of volunteers who will reach more than 40,000 people for Christ.

“It’s deeply moving to see the sacrificial way in which people gave to the Lord at our celebration,” said Tucker. “I’m so excited to see God work through our supporters and volunteers to touch tens of thousands of lives around the world.”

Reflecting on the landmark occasion, Tucker added, “While this celebration is for our seventy-fifth anniversary, it really is a celebration of what God has done and is still doing. He has blessed in so many ways, and we give Him all the glory!”

Video of the 75-year celebration event is available online at www.qhministries.org/75.

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