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A major supplier for One Degree Organic Foods is another Adventist businessman and ASI member—Arnold Schmidt, an 82-year-old organic farmer from Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. Schmidt, whose farm produces wheat used in One Degree’s sprouted grain bread, has been working the family homestead since he first drove a combine at age 16—and hasn’t missed a harvest yet.

An accidental dousing with grasshopper insecticide more than 30 years ago convinced Schmidt to move to organic methods for producing his wheat crops. He was fortunate to be near enough to a water truck to wash the lethal poison off, but the memory never went away.  Today he raises his own seed, and continually experiments with new crop rotation methods that don’t require the use of insecticides.

“You really don’t have to add anything when you play along with nature,” Schmidt says. “If the soil is treated right, your soil gets better, your seed gets better, and the people who eat that grain have more nutrients.”

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