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French Move Toward
Full Funding of Abortion

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French lawmakers have voted to provide full government funding of abortion.

France's National Assembly voted Oct. 26 to increase coverage of both surgical and chemical abortions for 2013 to 100 percent, according to reports in the Associated Press, LifeSite News and other media.

"This news is doubly troubling," said C. Ben Mitchell, professor of moral philosophy at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. "Obviously the policy will increase the number of unborn lives lost. That's the first tragedy.

"The second [tragedy] is that France now has a negative replacement rate. The number of native French is shrinking. Yet the Muslim population is growing rapidly. The future of France will increasingly look less like Paris and more like Islamabad," Mitchell told Baptist Press.

French law now covers 70 percent of the cost for chemical abortions and 80 percent for surgical abortions.

The assembly also approved the cost-free provision of all contraceptives to girls between 15 and 18 years old. This includes contraceptives that can cause abortions. To read the rest of the article, click here.            

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