Lifeglow, for Visually Impaired,
Ends Run; New Magazine to Follow

Christian Record had produced periodical for 29 years. (Posted January 17, 2013)

BY RAJMUND DABROWSKIChristian Record, reporting from Lincoln, Nebraska

After 29 years of serving visually impaired readers, Lifeglow, a bimonthly, large-print magazine published by Christian Record Services for the Blind, concluded its successful run in mid-November.

FINAL ISSUE: Bert Williams, editor of Lifeglow magazine (left), inspecting the final issue under this title with CRS production manager Russell Thomas (right). [PHOTOS: Rajmond Dabrowski]
Christian Record’s large-print magazine is receiving a new design and format treatment beginning with the January-February 2013 issue. It will become known under a new title, Light, according to Lifeglow’s editor for the past seven years, Bert Williams.

Lifeglow’s target audience, which will continue as Light’s audience, is interdenominational Christians who are legally blind, Williams explains. The majority of recipients are not members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a denomination that established Christian Record in 1899.

Lifeglow has a circulation of 14,000, and as with all Christian Record’s subscription publications, the magazine is available free of charge.

Agewise, many readers—though not all—are toward the older side of the age spectrum. This is largely because the majority of people who are legally blind have age-related diseases such as diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration.

FINAL ISSUE: “Lifeglow Magazine” ended its 29 years under this title with the November/December 2012 issue. A new version is to appear under a new title, “Light.” Both are publications of Christian Record Services for the Blind, a Seventh-day Adventist ministry to the visually impaired.
“Senior citizens in the twenty-first century are a different breed than those of even 50 years ago,” he asserts. Williams explains that “past memories are certainly a part of their experience, but they also, to speak in general terms, are more attuned to the times and forward-looking. The magazine’s content includes articles that provide Christian encouragement, comfort, and reflection, and there are also materials intended to inform, challenge, and contribute to personal growth.” The magazine informs its readers about disability issues, general health, and a wide array of other topics—both current and spiritual. Readers are also offered ever-popular crossword puzzles.

Recent issues of Lifeglow have focused on special themes. The September-
October 2012 edition was a special issue on religious freedom. Prior to that, the July-August issue focused on themes from the Old Testament Scriptures, with articles by Ray McAllister and Dexter Thomas, both of whom are serious Bible students with doctoral degrees, and both of whom are blind.

The final Lifeglow issue features meditations from three Christian pastors (an Adventist, a Lutheran, and an Episcopalian) on Christ’s incarnation.

Looking at the folding machine spewing the final issues of Lifeglow 
into a ready-to-post pile, Williams observed, “I don’t have a lot of nostalgia about it, probably because by nature I tend to look ahead rather than back. Since becoming editor I’ve just been thinking about how to make future issues the best they can be. That will certainly be our goal with the new magazine.” 

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