Adventist Review Sharing Opportunities

In addition to producing the weekly magazine and website, the Adventist Review has two main ministries, which it supports largely through donors. If you are interested in contributing to any one of these ministries, please complete the form below.

1. The New BelieversÂ’ Plan
Seven years ago the Adventist Review initiated a plan whereby new believers who joined the church received a one-year complimentary subscription to the Adventist Review. This program was designed to nurture and better familiarize new believers with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Today thousands of new members continue to welcome the Review into their homes, and appreciate the inspirational articles that it contains.

2. KidsView
KidsView is a monthly publication for children ages 8-12. This award-winning, four-color newsletter attracts children of all ages, with its first-hand reports, monthly calendars, and Bible games. A KidsView advisory board, comprised of children ages 8-12, provides input and direction as to the contents of the publication. Kids, and those who always will be kids at heart, appreciate its child-friendly content, and read it from cover to cover.

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