Navigating the Online Dating Pool
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Willie and Elaine Oliver, director and associate director of the Family Ministries Department of the General Conference, share these tips for those thinking about trying Internet dating:


• Be honest about the picture you put online, and be sure the other person is too.

• Don’t beat around the bush. What are you really looking for—fun, friendship, or marriage?

• Don’t compromise on your values just to get a date.

• Be careful about sharing— don’t share too much information too soon.

• Don’t be shy—get offline and set a date in person.

• Be smart—meet in a public place.

• Tell a friend—within a short time, introduce the person to someone you trust who knows you well and has your best interest at heart.

• Stick to dating someone of your faith. And make sure they follow the same Adventist principles you do.

This article was published February 14, 2013.


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