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Dating can be dangerous in any environment. But it seems that online dating has pitfalls that a person must navigate around more carefully than traditional dating (the face-to-face meeting followed by the getting-to-know-each-other period). Many of the people I talked to about dating over the Internet had “horror stories” about their dealings with fraudulent individuals. One college friend admitted to me that she was recently “catfished,” or tricked by someone who made up an online profile through a dating service and perpetuated the lie until she got suspicious. (He ended up asking her for money.)
But a Facebook friend says she wouldn’t be an Adventist today if she hadn’t met her husband through a telephone date line. She’s been married for 12 years, and has been a baptized church member for 11. She says, “You just need to let God lead and be smart and safe in the actions you take.”
Here are some more resources on the subject—interesting statistics, interview answers from two Adventist online dating services, and, yes, more cautions.
If you are single and choose to date online, remember to pray—and be careful!

The Five Love Languages: Singles Edition, Gary Chapman, first chapter posted by New Release Tuesday (NRT) at
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