ADRA Germany Gains New Leader
Molke follows Lischek, who started group 27 years ago (Posted February 20, 2013)


The Seventh-day Adventist pastor who founded and led the German branch of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, ADRA, has retired after more than a quarter century in that role.

“It is not difficult for me to retire from the management of ADRA Germany, because I know that my successor, Christian, will meet the challenges of the international ADRA network,” declared Erich Lischek. He is leaving after organizing and developing ADRA since 1986. “As relief agencies we have learned to join forces in major disasters. I am grateful that I was able to support these efforts.”

LEADERSHIP CHANGE: Erich Lischek, left, a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, retired recently as ADRA Germany country director. At right, Christian Molke,  who is the new country director. PHOTOS: ADRA Germany]
Lischek established ADRA Germany in Darmstadt in 1987, starting with only one part-time secretary. ADRA now has 28 employees and 10 volunteers in the headquarters in Weiterstadt, close to Darmstadt. The charity also offers an apprenticeship in office communication.

Günther Machel, chair of the ADRA Germany board, thanked Erich Lischek: “From a humble beginning ADRA has become a major relief agency. Lischek has shaped ADRA Germany, and he will continue to cooperate as managing director of the ADRA Foundation.”

Christian Molke, also a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, is the new ADRA director, having begun his work in January 2013. Previously he led the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the federal states of Hessen, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Saarland, with 65 churches, 4,600 members, and 34 pastors. Molke transitioned to his new task in the summer of 2012.

ADRA Germany is part of the global ADRA network, with 120 country offices. It is also a member of the country’s Joint Welfare Association (Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband) and cofounder of the Association of German Development NGOs (VENRO), Relief Germany, and Together 4 Africa. In cooperation with the Weltwärts project of the German state, ADRA Germany sends approximately 15 volunteers per year to support projects in Albania, Costa Rica, India, Kenya, Mexico, Moldova, and Tanzania. For additional information about ADRA Germany, visit the English-language section of the group’s Web site at

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