Genesis Is Theme of 2013 VBS Program From AdventSource
(Posted February 20, 2013)

BY CASSIE MILNES MARTSCHING, communication director, AdventSource, writing from Lincoln, Nebraska

Exploring the Bible’s first book, Genesis, and learning fundamental truths about where the earth came from and God’s plan for their lives are activities provided for kids during Investigation Station: The Genesis Factor, the 2013 Seventh-day Adventist Vacation Bible School program now available through AdventSource in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Investigation Station: The Genesis Factor is an interactive VBS that teaches kids about Genesis and the God of creation. The kids, who act as junior investigators, will receive daily assignments related to the theme. As they travel through the daily learning stations, they will gather clues that will help them answer the question of the day.

Each day the kids will dig into a Bible story found in Genesis, and they will learn that:

God created the universe.
God blessed the seventh day.
God made rules that were broken.
God is ready to save us.
God helps us start over.

GENESIS THEME: The Bible’s first book, Genesis, is the theme of Investigation Station, the 2013 Vacation Bible School kit from AdventSource.
Kids will also learn how science and nature support the Bible by watching interactive video segments featuring Rich Aguilera, Guide magazine creation columnist.

A team of Seventh-day Adventist pastors, children’s ministry professionals, and VBS leaders developed the lessons with a passion for sharing the real creation story and God’s plan of redemption. Investigation Station contains Seventh-day Adventist beliefs including God as the Creator, the seventh-day Sabbath, baptism, and heaven. Each lesson is specifically designed to connect with commun­ity children while engaging Adventist children in learning biblical truths.

“VBS is one of the most effective out-reach programs a church can offer,” AdventSource said in a statement. “Provide the families in your church and community with a fun and uplifting experience they will not forget by conducting the Investigation Station VBS at your church,” the group added.

This program is available from AdventSource, at or 402-486-8800, or the Adventist Book Center, at 800-765-6955, or www.advent The Investigation Station is available in English and Spanish.

Investigation Station VBS was created by the Children’s Ministries Department of the North American Division in partnership with the Review and Herald Publishing Association and AdventSource.

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