One Project Draws Adventist Leaders
to Chicago

Two-day meeting celebrates “supremacy of Jesus” within movement. (Posted March 21, 2013)


SPEAKER: Timothy Nixon, associate chaplain at Andrews University, addresses delegates at the One Project conference.y

“When we dreamed up the One Project, the love for Jesus was overwhelming. When we prepared for each gathering His love was overwhelming. When we experienced the gatherings we get to bask in the presence of His overwhelming love,” said Japhet De Oliveira, cochair of the One Project board. “Our gatherings follow a really simple process. With 20-minute reflections on Jesus, followed by our immediate live responses, and then the facilitator-led table recalibrations. Like Ellen G. White, we find Jesus to be the desire of the ages—every age—including this one. We desire His love, His truth, His leadership.”

“When I first heard about the One Project,” declared Rod Long, of Sydney, Australia, “I wondered how we would talk about Jesus for two days. Now I wonder how we will ever exhaust that subject! The program elements reflect my experience: Conversations I had about Jesus (and there were lots), how Jesus intersects with all aspects of my life and experiences, and how the One Project recalibrated my ‘Jesus perspective.’ ”

De Oliveira said, “Each year Alex Bryan, cochair of the One Project, suggests a subset theme and for 2013 it was Just Jesus. It is part of our Seventh-day Adventist DNA with Jesus followers like the late and dearly loved Morris Venden. We simply cannot stop talking about Jesus, and Just Jesus is more than enough.”

AROUND THE TABLE: Delegates to the One Project conference exchange ideas during breakout sessions.
At the Chicago gathering, the movement’s Hope Channel arranged for live streaming of the One Project to 450-plus sites across the globe. One gentleman came to the Chicago gathering, but because of a brain injury he suffers from sensory overload. As a result, he was only able to join the larger group during the reflections while the lights were dimmed and the sound was focused. During the recalibration (group discussion) after each reflection, he would have to leave the room. His brother, who was participating via the live streaming, joined him via phone, and they were able to dialogue one on one for a recalibration of their life in Jesus.

On April 5, 6, 2013, thanks to the support of the Norwegian Union and working closely with Pastor Victory Marley, the One Project will be offering the first gathering in Norwegian with limited English translation. In July the One Project will be in Newcastle, Australia, and then in early November it will be on the campus of Newbold College in England. All of these gatherings are limited in size.

The next North American gathering, Seattle in February 2014, is already at 50 percent capacity. Other site locations under consideration are Brazil, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, and many other options in the U.S.A. For more information, visit us at

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