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od’s direct intervention in human affairs in answer to our prayers raises important theological questions. In this particular case one could ask whether the miracles would have occurred independent of the use of medications, medical knowledge, and modern technology. When dealing with such theological issues we should realize that God interacts with us in at least two different ways. First, there is the dramatic, supernatural way in which He comes from the outside and radically alters the situation. In such cases there is a glorious display of God’s power, and the person experiences it in a unique way. This unequivocally divine intervention in human affairs, however, is not the prevalent one even in the Bible.
The second way is less obvious, but still recognizable. God works from within the situation, guiding it and using humans—their knowledge, experience, and disposition—to answer our prayers. He is active under the apparent mantle of silence, producing at a particular moment an unexpected turn of events. In many cases the human instrumentality may be more visible, but for the one who prayed, the resolution is clearly God’s response to our request.
The timing of the healing, the coincidences, the sudden reversal of the threatening experience, as well as the acknowledgment that human power has run out of options, confirm the conviction of faith that it was God who quietly intervened producing a wonderful miracle of love. This type of miracle is much more common among God’s people today than we realize.
God’s loving concern for us is also present when in our specific request there is a conflict of wills and the divine intention does not coincide with our desires. In such cases, we simply trust in His love and wisdom knowing “that in all things God works for the good of those who love him” (Rom. 8:28).
Angel Manuel Rodríguez is the  director of the Biblical Research Institute at the General Conference

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