Andrew Kuntaraf, 33, Church Software Architect, Dies
Used technology to bolster Adventist ministry, mission (Posted April 9, 2013)
Andrew Oey Kuntaraf, 33, director of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist’s Church Membership Software office, was killed April 6, 2013, in a traffic accident in Charles Town, West Virginia. City police there are continuing their investigation, a department spokesman said.
Beginning his denominational service as a network systems specialist, Kuntaraf held several positions of increasing responsibility within the world headquarters’ Information Systems Services and Treasury departments. Before leaving Treasury for his new responsibilities, Kuntaraf was associate director in charge of Seventh-day Adventist Accounting Software, known throughout the Church as SunPlus.
“Andrew had a heart for mission and viewed his work as a service to God,” said John Beckett, director of the Adventist world church’s Office of Global Software and Internet. The two church technology directors worked together closely on projects. 
“His ability to make friends complemented his excellent information technology skills in a way that made him a great leader and colleague,” Beckett said.
TECHNOLOGY ADVOCATE: Andrew Kuntaraf, 33, who died in an April 6, 2013 traffic accident, was director of the General Conference's office of Adventist Church Membership software. [ANN File Photo]
Colleagues in the office of Secretariat echoed Beckett’s sentiment and added Kuntaraf brought a spiritual tone to a job that could have been seen as purely technical.
“The passing of Andrew was a huge loss, not only to his family, but to God’s family worldwide,” said G. T. Ng, Adventist General Conference secretary. “Not only was Andrew technically qualified, but he was spiritually qualified. He was driven by the mission of the church.”
In July of 2012, Kuntaraf moved to the General Conference’s Secretariat, where he took charge of the Adventist Church Membership Software project.
An October, 2012, announcement of the ACMS project noted, “The Adventist Church Membership Software was developed and first implemented by the church’s South American Division. Every Adventist in South America is currently an entry in the Web-based software. An October 10 Memorandum of Understanding signed by the region’s three top church officers and Adventist world church officials established joint ownership of the software. The move was a ‘testament’ to what church technology officials can accomplish through collaboration,” Kuntaraf said at the time.
The report continued, quoting Kuntaraf: “Membership statistics are great, but it shouldn’t be the driving force. The motivation should be, ‘What can we do to improve our church members’ quality of life and their relationship with the church?’”
The article said Kuntaraf “envisioned a membership portal, where each member can maintain their address, access resources and manage subscriptions to church periodicals or e-bulletins.”
Andrew Oey Kuntaraf was born in Loma Linda, California on September 10, 1979, while his parents pursued higher education in the U.S. In 1987, the family moved to Singapore, where they worked for the church’s Southern Asia-Pacific Division, then called the Far Eastern Division. Andrew later returned to the U.S. to complete high school and college.
In 2001, he earned a BBA in Computer Information Services at church-owned Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee, adding an MBA in management in 2008.
Kuntaraf was the son of Jonathan Kuntaraf, director of the world church’s Sabbath School and Personal Ministries department, and Dr. Kathleen Kuntaraf, a physician and associate director of Health Ministries for the General Conference.
Kuntaraf’s wife, Alysia, sister Andrea Crane, and his parents survive. A memorial service is anticipated for April 14, 2013 at the Southern Asian Seventh-day Adventist Church in Silver Spring, Maryland.
                                                                                   -- with reporting by Mark A. Kellner, Adventist Review

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