Media Center Board Votes Sweeping Operational Changes
Simi Valley property to be sold, media ministries to relocate. (Posted May 1, 2013)
After 41 years as a church entity and 18 years in its current location, the Adventist Media Center in Simi Valley, California, is facing the end of its existence. On April 29, the center’s board voted several actions that will change the nature of Seventh-day Adventist media outreach in North America.
“The media ministries’ mission and messages of hope and wholeness have helped to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout North America and beyond. We appreciate the tireless efforts of the many media center employees and ministry staff members,” said Dan Jackson, president of the North American Division (NAD) and chairman of the media center’s board. “We expect the media ministries to continue to maintain and provide the level of programs and services which will meet the future needs of the Division,” he added.

BOARD VOTE: Members of the Adventist Media Center board meet on a sound stage at the organization's Simi Valley, California, facility on April 29, 2013. The group voted to allow the Seventh-day Adventist Church's North American Division media ministries to relocate and for the media center property to be sold. [NAD Photo}
As voted, the move envisions the church’s various North American radio and television ministries, which include Breath of Life Ministries, Faith For Today, It Is Written, Jesus 101 Biblical Institute, La Voz de la Esperanza, and The Voice of Prophecy, to relocate away from the Simi Valley facility, which is to be sold. A time frame of 12 to 18 months will be allocated for this process. According to an NAD statement, “Efforts will be made to minimize the impact on employees who will be affected by and during the transition and relocation period.”

The decision, the NAD statement said, “comes after two years of research, concentrated studies, continual meetings (which included two major summit meetings), as well as private interviews with stakeholders. From these meetings, North American Division leadership has developed documents that summarize the aspects of the summits, meetings, and interviews. Participants of the summits included media ministry speakers, innovative Adventist pastors who are already using innovative media effectively, as well as Church administrators and communication personnel.”
The NAD announcement stressed two other points concerning Seventh-day Adventist media work in the division, which claims over 1 million members.
Fist, the division will maintain an  “ongoing commitment to providing funding for the media ministries,” the statement said. “As a part of this process, and in clear understanding that the media ministries are part of the NAD ministry effort, funding levels from the Division would be identified for each of the media ministries in order to allow them to fulfill their mission.”
And, according to the statement, the NAD will make a “commitment to explore new possibilities for media development. The Division anticipates a significant role for the media ministries in the future of media in North America; beyond the role they currently play.”
According to the NAD announcement, “the North American Division Committee will receive the recommended proposal from the AMC Board.” A final vote approving the move is expected at the year-end divisional meeting in November, 2013.


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