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(Posted May 3, 2013)
MISSION CONTROL: The control room of LifestyleTV at the European Health Conference. [PHOTOS: Stephen Chavez]
hen you bring several hundred people from across Europe to a conference about healing, you assemble the finest, most knowledgeable speakers and presenters. But the devotionals, plenary sessions, and seminars are only part of the equation. Just as important is the energy exhibited by the support staff who dedicate countless hours and incredible expertise to making sure that participants to the European Health Conference receive an unforgettable experience.

LifeStyleTV, a Scandinavian equivalent of North America’s Three Angels Broadcasting Network, is present to record all the plenary sessions, many of the workshops and seminars, and stream live each of the evening presentations.

Partnering with the Czech Hope Channel for this event, LifeStyleTV and its small army of camera people, producers, directors, and engineers work from early morning to late at night to make sure everything is recorded for re-broadcast at a later date.

STRANSLATION CENTRAL: Teams of translators provide instant translation into Czech, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. 
From its headquarters in Sweden, LifeStyleTV provides programming in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and English that is broadcast on a satellite system that covers all of Scandinavia. Working closely with Hope Channel Norway, popular programming includes interviews about the Bible, creation, health, cooking schools, and archaeology. According to Claus Nybo, president of LifeStyleTV, the purpose of the ministry is to provide programming that connects with its viewers in all areas of their lives—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. One of its most popular recent offerings has been Stridens Hopp (The Conflict Hope), a series that traces the book The Great Controversy chapter by chapter.

Although Nybo is pleased that LifeStyleTV plays a role in nurturing Adventists in its viewing area, he’s particularly gratified that viewers who aren’t Adventist are watching and responding. He tells of one couple, both medical doctors, who live five hours from the nearest Adventist church. As a result of watching LifeStyleTV, they’ve begun inviting friends to their home on Sabbath mornings to watch with them. They are now looking for ways to start an Adventist congregation in their community.

Now that models of communication seem to be changing every few months, LifeStyleTV is looking to augment its satellite presence with on-demand programming, as well as programming available for download on smartphones. Visit LifestyleTV.se for more information.

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: Even the most fussy eaters find plenty to eat at the lunch buffet.
Another absolutely essential service for a health conference at which individuals from almost 40 countries are present is translators. The “official” language for the European Health Conference is English. But teams of translators provide instant translation in Czech, German, French, Spanish, and Russian. Participants to the conference are provided with portable radio receivers and earbuds so they can hear all the presentations in their own languages.

Hana Metzova, who coordinates the team of about 25 translators, reports that many of them are participants to the conference, volunteering their time. If they go past a certain amount of time behind the microphone, their registration fees for the conference are waived. A few of the translators are students, studying to be professional translators. They each receive a small honorarium for their service to the conference.
The Diplomat Hotel in Prague, the venue for the EHC, knows how to entertain guests from many countries of the world. But chances are it has never prepared so much strictly vegetarian food for its guests before the Adventists came to town.

Conference delegates have to share the dining room with other hotel guests for breakfast, but lunch and dinner are another story. Serving stations with dozens of vegetarian offerings—including soy meat analogs--make intemperance a real temptation. But because most of the menu items feature lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, getting a little carried away isn’t the worst thing that could happen.


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