Ryan Fogle may be known to the world as the accused CIA spy who was expelled from Russia. But to me he will always be an answer to prayer.

Fogle made international headlines in May when the Federal Security Service, the successor agency to the Soviet KGB, detained him for allegedly trying to recruit a Russian agent. State television aired footage portraying him as a bumbling spy, the Russian Foreign Ministry declared him persona non grata, and he left the country five days later. But the Ryan Fogle whom I met showed little resemblance to the inept spy depicted by Russian authorities.

Fogle was standing near the United States ambassador when I arrived at Spaso House, the ambassador’s residence, for a reception to celebrate U.S. Independence Day in 2011. Youthful and clean-cut, he greeted me with a warm smile and a handshake. He told me that he had recently arrived in Moscow... »
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