Entrusted: Christians and Environmental Care
Stephen G. Dunbar, L. James Gibson, and Humberto M. Rasi, eds., Adventus International University Publishing, 2013, 300 pages, US$19.95, softcover. Reviewed by Joseph G. Galusha, Jr., a professor of biology and associate vice president for Graduate Studies at Walla Walla University.     [Entrusted Launched at LLU Symposium]

The newly published book Entrusted: Christians and Environmental Care is edited by three leading Adventist scholars: Stephen Dunbar, James Gibson, and Humberto Rasi. It contains 23 chapters written by 20 authors focusing on the current and crucial debate of environmental quality and responsibility. This is one of the first and best treatments I have read from a primarily Adventist Christian perspective.

The book has five sections. Each addresses a key ... »
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