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Asscherick Opens World
Youth Conference

God is not just saving smart people,” David Asscherick said, during the opening plenary of Impact Africa 2013, in the Marble Arch of the St. George Hotel, Tshwane [Pretoria], South Africa.*

Pamela, from Guayaquil, Ecuador, liked  Pastor Asscherick’s very clear, very interesting explanation of how the truth should be presented in our lives. She has been praying for these meetings.

“I’ve been praying, and I believe most have been praying to have that reconnection with God, and be tools for His work. All that we have learned just helps us to recognize that God is in charge of everything, He is in charge of our lives, He is in charge of his church, and He is in charge of our role in society as Seventh-day Adventists who can bring people to Him.”

Pamela is right. And David is right. God isn’t just saving smart people. God’s program is much more than mere data transfer. He is doing lots more than sharing information. Right now, through Impact South Africa, He is thrilling thousands of hearts with marvelous music, fantastic fellowship, and a parade of patriotism that binds us together across all the political boundaries those flags and costumes represent. As Timothy Maunjiri of the Malawi Union said, “The opening night’s parade of flags was an exciting parade for our church’s global unity.”

“It was an unforgettable experience,” reflects Carmen Perez, Vice-President for Assessment at the Inter-American Theological Seminary in Puerto Rico; “a blend of culture and Christ,” said Nick Kross, South Pacific Division Youth Ministries Director, “an outstanding introduction to a General Conference event.”

Sisters Sherra Gold Sia and Shahana Pearl Sia of Cebu, Philippines, are attending their first international youth congress. They too like “how we can meet people of different nationalities, and share our love for God.” And Samuel Obonyo, from the church on the campus of the Tanzania Adventist Secondary School is gaining something more through this coming together: “I love the chance to see how our people do mission in other parts of the world.”

Marshall Mackenzie, Middle East North Africa Union Youth Ministries Director, loved the flags.  Marshall is working with almost a score of congress exhibits. He finds our hosts at the St. George Hotel to be exceptionally hospitable. And Marshall is looking forward: “I believe the Lord is going to do something; the Spirit is moving.”

Carmen’s husband Abelardo agrees. “In my opinion,” he says “our youth possess the strength, the dynamism, and the enthusiasm, to finish the work of the gospel in this generation.” Yes they do. And the work is more than data transfer. As David pointed out, our God of love is interested in a lot more than information bits. And Impact South Africa shows it: God is not just saving smart people.

* Link to learn more about the city, born May 2011, that includes Pretoria, at http://www.tshwane.gov.za

Lael Caesar is an associate editor of the Adventist Review. (Posted July 9, 2013)


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