Hundreds of Adventist youth groups, local congregations and schools annually plan and experience short-term mission trips—to build new churches, combat poverty and disease, and preach the everlasting gospel.  Many of these mission trips are coordinated by ShareHim, the international evangelistic ministry which trains and equips church members of all ages for soul-winning at home and abroad.

            Pastor Micheal Goetz, youth pastor at Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews University (pictured above), is currently leading a group of 27 Adventist teens and young adults from Berrien Springs, Michigan and Walker Memorial Academy in Avon Park, Florida on an 18-day ShareHim evangelism trip to Matagalpa, Nicaragua, July 17-August 4. Team members have agreed to share their developing story of preaching the truths of Adventism on this website with the tens of thousands who visit here every week.  Their joys and trials, miracles and challenges will all be available here on the Adventist Review site through regular blogs by team members.

            Read their remarkable testimonies, see their faith in action, and remember to pray for them regularly!
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27 Missionaries

They are young but they are missionaries.  The missionaries are 18 high school and college students from Pioneer Memorial Church joined by 9 more from Walker Memorial Academy in Avon Park, Florida – their final destination will be Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

Each of the 27 young people are turning preacher and adopting a church and a community as a mission field.  The preachers will deliver 19 Bible truth filled sermons in 17 days.
I am sitting in seat 31F on the plane with the 18 from Michigan right now.  The girl in front of me is reviewing her sermons on her laptop determined that when she preaches Daniel 2 on Friday night God will have every opportunity to use her best.  Two of them across the plane from me are resting – that’s good too, they will be working hard for the next 2 ½ weeks.  None of these young people know what God plans to do in them, there seems to be a sense of quiet expectancy. I don’t know what God will do either, but we at Pioneer and the campus of Andrews University have been praying for God to do a “new thing,” claiming the promise of Isaiah 43:19.  I am wonder to myself if God providing the money and the young people for this mission was His strategic move and that from this team He will raise up young leaders, laborers to their own generation.

A year ago I was with a similar team in the country of Panama and witnessed hundreds commit to following Jesus in baptism at the end of that work.  But what came from the young people after we returned home was unequaled by any other initiative I had seen for youth. In only took a week before Facebook messages landed in my inbox asking what they could get involved in locally to make a difference for Jesus.

The captain has just announced are decent – this landing will introduce a full daily schedule. Each day after personal devotions we will eat breakfast and meet for worship and training by 8:30 a.m. Before lunch each day they will spend about 2 ½ hours preparing and practicing their sermon for that evening. 

Stay tuned, God sent 27 missionaries so He could accomplish something that only “all power in heaven and earth” could do.

                                                                                                                                          -- Micheal Goetz


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