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Two Testimonies

Our twenty-seven young Adventist missionaries plowed through the first weekend of their evangelistic series even while projectors blinked off and laptops froze. They were gritting it out…until Sunday night came with a presentation of the story of the cross.  Here is what happened next. -- Micheal Goetz

Lauren Bell
Wow! Tonight was amazing! I’ve finally connected with my church.

SHARING THE WORD: Lauren Bell (right) and her translator present the nightly sermon.  
Today I’ve realized that the only way I have gotten through the devil’s tricks and all of my problems is because God answered my prayers.

In my first few sermons I felt nothing; nothing for myself spiritually and no connection with the people in my church. But, thankfully, tonight was so different.

Our title was: On the Cross. And it was great! But one thing in particular stuck out to me this evening. It was a guy, and tonight was only his second meeting. The first meeting he came, he sat with his head down the entire time. So, I thought, “Well, I guess he doesn’t like it and he definitely won’t come back.”

So tonight comes and he is there. This time he is looking at the screen. At the end I do the appeal and ask if they would like to accept Jesus as their savior. Everyone in the entire church stood up. I was amazed…my church has about 60 people, too! But, when I saw the one guy with his head down stand up I just wanted to cry and instantly felt so happy.

One of my passions is changing people’s lives for the better and when 60 people, most being guests, stand up to accept Jesus Christ as their savior it is just amazing.

Eight people came up to me after the sermon wanting to get baptized. Praise the Lord! I never thought I could accomplish something like this with such happiness. If you ever pass up the chance to go on a mission trip, you’re crazy!

Sarah Baxter
NEW FRIENDS: Sarah Baxter (left) and traanslator.
Tonight put my entire life in a new perspective. I realized, that the biggest reason God wanted me to come on this trip was to change my heart. I was raised in a god-fearing home. My parents and sister have been a huge blessing in helping me learn about God. But up until today, I didn’t really have my own relationship with Christ. In the middle of my sermon tonight, entitled “What happened at the Cross”, everything came together and the story of Calvary clicked for the first time. Jesus became real to me and I was shocked at how indescribable the gift of Salvation is. During closing prayer, I had to let my translator take the reigns. I was speechless at how awesome this God I was preaching about really was. It was breath taking to realize that through everything that

I’ve done, all the mistakes I’ve made, and the sins that I’ve committed, God still sent His Son to die on the cross for me! There are no words to describe my experience tonight. So I’m not going to try. My sole prayer is that one day you’ll meet God face to face like I did. It’s the craziest, most awe-inspiring experience you will ever encounter!


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