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The Appeal

Making appeals is one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences for a speaker.  While it is exhausting to heart and mind – never has regretted extending that invitation. -- Micheal Goetz (Posted July 29 2013)

Cheyanne Manley
CHURCH FAMILY:  Manley (center) and new friends,  translator (left).  
The sermon on baptism was easy to prepare and I was excited to deliver it. While I was talking I felt God impressing me to tell my testimony. So I started with when I got baptized. As soon as I started my story, I began to cry. God was pulling my heart into this sermon. I pleaded with the people to listen to what God was saying to their hearts. I told them not to shut God out. I could see some had tears in their eyes. Even though I had invited them to stand, no one stood. I kept going - I knew that God wasn’t ready to give up. I pressed the invitation to surrender to Jesus. Still no one stood, so I closed my appeal.

The pastor then stepped up front. My translator kept me up on what happened next. The pastor was asking the church “This 16 year old girl just got up front and poured her heart out to you, and you wont stand up?” He went on to say that he knew there were un-baptized people there, and he asked why they were pushing God away. And then like their hearts had been opened 3 individuals stood and moved to the front. I kept crying, I was so happy that God had brought them forward. The experience was truly amazing.

Allison Trine
THE APPEAL: A. Trine (left) and translator 
Saturday night, I preached on baptism. I felt confident in it.

But two slides before the appeal, I was filled with fear. I didn’t want to do the appeal. I was so scared of failure. So scared that I wouldn’t get any kind of response.

When I got to the slide with the appeal, I forced myself to do it. If I didn’t ask, who would? So I started the appeal. As soon as I went into it I was filled with peace. I remembered that even if no one responded, God was still working inside their hearts. God blessed and two people came forward, making public their decision to be baptized. If the devil had had his way with me, I don’t know if those people would have made the decision.

Chris Davisson
RELAXING:  Davisson waits for his ride to church. 

One of the most challenging aspects of this trip is the process of calling people to make decisions for Christ. Last night I had the privilege to call people to be baptized.  There were 70 people at my church of which 40 were visitors.  The amazing thing was that 14 accepted the call to prepare for baptism and 5 others wanted to have a visit from the local church leaders to discuss questions they have.

God spoke to my own heart through the experience of making this appeal.  While watching some resisting surrender, God has opened my eyes to what He feels like when I don’t follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus for letting me get closer to You and to give me a glimpse of what You go through every moment in helping us make good decisions for your kingdom.


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