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Making the Decision

The question often occurs to a missionary: “Who is God using me to reach?”  Some of our evangelistic sites have 40+ non-Adventists. Others have only a few. But whatever number there is, often the speakers will find themselves with a burden for one.
Just last night one of our speakers, Aaron Capps, appealed for the decision of baptism. When no one responded, his young translator began sharing his own testimony of not being a Seventh-day Adventist but could no longer translate without making a decision for truth. His final line – “Hoy, yo soy el primero” (Today, I am the first) led three others to also make their decision.

Melissa Johnson
 Who is God calling us to reach tonight?
Each evening a group travels from Matagalpa to Esteli. Oscar, our driver, is not a Christian but speaks about how from spending time with us he appreciates the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
The first time I preached I was excited to see what would transpire.  Little did I know that God was placing Oscar in my church.  Because he waits to pick all of the speakers back up he parks his bus outside of my church and attends the meetings.  At first, he stood outside the church, then he moved to the doorway; the next night he moved to a plastic chair in the back of the church and he has slowly worked his way from the entrance of the church to a wooden pew. 
Each night when an appeal is made, I plead for people to give their lives to Jesus.  I talk to Oscar through my appeal. Oscar wants to give his life to Jesus, but there are a few personal roadblocks. I know the Lord is not giving up and my prayer is that before I leave Nicaragua, Oscar will be baptized!
Josh Hong
When I came here, I was expecting to preach to my church, and just my church. I mean, I am preaching to my church, but I’m also preaching to my translator. His name is Steven. Steven does know about God, but he isn’t an Adventist and his mom is a Pentecostal pastor. Sometimes he asks me questions like, “You guys can’t eat certain foods, right?” Or, “Do you guys believe in hell?” Many times before our meeting starts, we talk about the questions he asks me. I don’t always have the answer, so I tell him that I will ask my pastor. Some nights I feel like he is the person that I’m actually preaching too. I am praying for him, that he will learn something new, and that the Holy Spirit will work in his heart.


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