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Pushing Through the Trials

Kaitlin presents the signs of the end. 
Two days and three sermons left.  Although there is plenty that could go wrong, I really don’t think it would matter anymore. The young missionaries have pushed through their individual challenges and have encouraged each other to keep remembering the value of one more for Jesus. (Posted August 7, 2013)
Kaitlin Litvak
My faith has really been tested on this mission trip. The devil has been throwing so many problems in my face! There are nights where I give an appeal and absolutely no one responds. Sometimes it feels like Satan is taunting me, saying things like, “Why are you on this trip? You’re not helping anyone. No one is listening to you. Just give up and go home.” It gets a little discouraging sometimes! But the thing is, it’s not about what I can do on this trip, it’s about how God can work through me! And when I feel like I don’t have the strength to keep going, God is always there.

Aaron Capps
Aaron (left) with his young translator.
I got sick with a stomach bug. I knew as soon as I woke I was not feeling well and only a few minutes after waking vomited. Throughout the day I felt worse and couldn’t hold anything down. Laying in bed I wondered why God would let me get sick only a few days after getting here. I read the story of Job and marveled at all the things that were happening to him. I wondered how he could keep praising God through it all. Suddenly my sickness didn’t seem so bad and I thought I can preach Gods word even if I felt like this, because I knew that even if I felt weak that Jesus felt more pain for my sake when he died on the cross. So how could I let something as trivial as this keep me from praising his name for all to know, and lead people to him.

Colleen Chittick
Wednesdays are the days we go on field trips and this is the day when we don’t get extra time to prepare for our sermon. This makes me a little stressed but when I got sick it really worried me. I felt that because God there was no way I was missing this sermon. So I trudged up to the pulpit and preached my heart out.  After the sermon I collapsed on a bed burning with fever.  It took a couple of days before I felt better.

I have realized as children of God we are going to go through hardships but God will always be there. Being here on this mission trip I have seen more sides of the devil than I would like to. I’ve also seen that God is so much bigger. I am so glad to be on the front lines here in Nicaragua.


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