If ever anyone had good reason to quit, it was Hannah. But she didn’t.

Hannah and Her God
Consider first Hannah’s relationship with God. As a child, her young heart must have thrilled at those stories about God and her ancestors—about Moses parting the sea with a rod and fetching water at a blow; about miracle manna in the morning that didn’t last through the night but wouldn’t spoil on the Sabbath; about Joshua tumbling Jericho’s walls and praying for the noonday sun to stand still for a whole day. And the Lord said yes! Hannah learned to admire, honor, and love Israel’s God. She dared to hope that her son would be the longed for Messiah. She dreamt of being the kind of mother that could raise God’s Son.

Then Elkanah came, and the happy day when those dreams would start to be fulfilled. Happy and ... »
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