It Is Written Speaker/Director John Bradshaw
Optimistic About Health Challenge

Prognosis Good and Bradshaw Feeling Well After Surgery for Tongue Cancer (Posted August 26, 2013)

By Michele Stotz, Communication Director, It Is Written
John Bradshaw
t Is Written Speaker/Director John Bradshaw announced today that he recently underwent surgery to remove a small cancerous tumor from his tongue. Following his successful surgery, he will now undergo a precautionary course of treatment, with doctors expecting a full recovery by January. In the meantime, It Is Written’s evangelism plans will move forward with guest speakers as he recovers.
“Thankfully, the prognosis is good. God’s leading has been remarkably clear, and thanks to a fantastic team of physicians, I’m already back to talking and eating normally,” said Bradshaw. “Frankly, this whole thing really came as a surprise. When I asked the physician what might have caused it, he said the culprit was likely chronic irritation from a dental issue, but the good news is that this type of cancer is very treatable and completely beatable!”
Given that Bradshaw has a passion for evangelism, It Is Written’s event calendar will remain relatively unchanged. He will attend events as he is able—and as his physician approves—and some of the best guest speakers in the church will assist as needed.
“Obviously, I’d much rather have avoided all of this, but I’m encouraged that the way ahead is clear,” said Bradshaw. “I’ll have to spend a little time on the sidelines, but before long, I’ll be back to full strength. That’s good news and I’m grateful to God for His blessing.”
Bradshaw asks that people keep his family and It Is Written in their prayers, because he firmly believes that “the best is yet to come!”


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